Memorial Day

The unofficial start to summer is this weekend.  And I am ready for it.  I am so ready for it.

I am ready for the four day weekend that I have from school.  Goodness knows that I need it.  The kids need it.  And we’re all going to enjoy it.  (Although I have quite a bit of grading I’d like to get done and the weather is supposed to get cooler again).

I am ready for sunshine and hanging out with friends and road trips and music.  So much music.

Because, just like it is the unofficial start to summer, it is also the unofficial start to my country concerts for the summer.  And I have quite the lineup in store for myself.  I’m so excited about all of these concerts and I can’t wait to see all of the people that I am seeing (some more than once).

So, I am going to take a break from the blog (but don’t worry, I am still going to write because – if you recall – part of what I want to do is write every single day).  It’s a mini-break.  Just like my mini-break from school.

And in my spare, usual blogging time, I am going to work on development for the story that I want to write this summer.  And I might even begin writing.  Because I don’t need to follow a strict start here and go to here deadline like I do with NaNoWriMo because this story is all for me.  It’s the story that I realized I really want to tell and tell well.  And that means that it could take more than a month.  It could take many months.

Like I said before, I am also going to be grading this weekend.  I have four classes worth of critical lens essays to grade.  I’m going to begin dog sitting.  And I have the concert. 

Memorial Day weekend could not have come at a better time.  This break will be welcoming and refreshing and so much of what everyone needs.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend.  Spend some time with those you love and doing what you love to honor those that can’t do that anymore.


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