Falling Behind (Again!)

I had an idea for a post.  But it has gone from my mind and it is no longer here.

I had a plan to get some major amounts of work done today.  Because I am a little behind.  Just a smidge.  And I really wanted to figure it out and get at least caught up.  But I might still be able to.  Maybe not.

Because, I was going to take a nap and watch “The Voice” and I haven’t.  Because my aunt called.  And they were coming down.  Which ended up working out because I got one full class graded and now I can grade another.  And maybe tomorrow I can get more done and it will be better and I will be almost caught up.  But then I’ll get the stragglers work.

So, I have a lot to do.  And I have so many questions about everything.  And the end of the year is winding down so much.  I don’t really know.

It’s been a hard few days.  Trying to figure out the professional side of things.  And feeling unsure of things hasn’t made it easy on me.

So, I’m going to go.  And grade some while I watch the rest of “Dancing with the Stars: The Results”

And tomorrow after I run, I will come home and relax a little.  Maybe take a nap.  And finish getting caught up on my work and then watch “The Voice” and maybe even “Nashville” before going to bed.

Have a great Wednesday all!


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