A Quick, Fun (Foolish?) Trip

Tomorrow, I am taking a trip after school.  It’s a few hours and I maybe shouldn’t do it – but at 26 I still can.

I am traveling to see Gloriana.  And the only reason I know about it is because Canaan Smith is opening up for them and I have been following him pretty closely since I saw him open for Love and Theft in Virginia in February.

So, even though it’s the middle of the week and I’m already tired and the drive home will be absolutely awful – I am going to this concert.

And, although I’m excited for the actual concert and it will be fantastic, I’m even more excited that I am meeting one of my best friends at the concert.

I can’t wait to introduce her to Canaan Smith and to see her and have some fun with her.

So, a quick entry because tonight I didn’t get nearly anything done and I should be in bed, but I’m not even ready for bed yet.

Have a great day and please pray for decent weather and a safe trip for me!


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