Where Am I?

I don’t know where I am in my life right now at all. I feel like the last four years have been a major crossroads of everything that it could possibly be. And shortly after reaching a major crossroad, I am met with another one just down the road. That’s not how it is supposed to go. I’m supposed to have some time before I meet my next major crossroads.

I’m in the throws of trying to figure things out. What I want to do. Where I want to take my life. Why I’m feeling all of these emotions. When I will know the right thing to do. Who gets a say in all of this.

But I have decided to write. I haven’t started – which means I’m way far behind. But I’m going to write a story this month. And I’m excited about it.

So, I might be MIA again. As I figure out these questions. Where I am and where I am going. And as I write. Fiction that will make me happy. And might turn into something. It might not, but it might.


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