A Reprieve

I am sitting on my bed, watching the ACMs (when I should be doing more work) and slightly dreading having to go back to work in the morning.

You see, I had such a great break.  It was so nice to go to Texas and to see my best friend and to leave all my work at home so that I could spend a few days not thinking about it and trying not to worry about it.  I realized, as I did worry about it, that I sometimes let my work (and other things that I shouldn’t worry about) run my life.  And it was nice to get away from that for a while.  To not have any grading to do.  To not do any plans.  To relax and read a book for me.  To hang out with a friend and get away from it all for more than just a night.

Now, there were moments where I wish that I’d taken stuff with me and there were moments where it just felt good to be away from it.  I sometimes think that people think teachers have it easier than they do.  It’s an amazing job, but it’s a hard job too.  And I do love it, but sometimes I wonder if I’ll make it with the way things have been going.

I said I wasn’t going to blog (well, now tat you can read that post since apparently I never actually posted it) that much in April because I was going to write.  I haven’t started.  And I could probably come back from a 7 day disadvantage, but I’m not sure if I will be able to.

I’ve been having a hard time getting motivated.  And right now, I’m just feeling like I want another reprieve from it all.

I will go to school and I will be fine.  I will be reinvigorated by the kids again – even though I’m sure that some of them will do their best to make things a challenge for me.  Without this challenge, teaching would be nothing.

And I can’t say enough about how much I love a challenge.  And the next 11 weeks will be a challenge I’m sure.

We’ll see what other challenges I take on over the next 11 weeks and past that.


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