Just A Quickie

I am suffering – again – and hoping I’m not coming down with the stomach bug that is apparently making it rounds.  I came home from school and took a two hour nap and am just not up for doing this right now.  So, as inspired by a lovely blogger that I read on a regular basis, I give you some Friday loves – because that’s how I’m going to roll!!  (And I will do my best to make this as good as possible)

The new album from this fantastic singer!

That this singer (who I saw almost a year ago opening for Little Big Town) is putting out an album to be released Tuesday – and you can stream it for free here!  (That’s a bonus because you get two links!!)

That my beloved Purple Eagles are making it to the final weekend – LET’S GO PURPS!!

That I will be here next Friday evening, instead of in the cold of upstate NY (bring on the warm weather!)

That my obsession for this gorgeous, talented man has gone nowhere.

And, of course, the fact that it is Friday.  This weekend is going to be – unfortunately – weighed down by a lot of grading.  I will have a brief reprieve in the form of hockey (by my 2nd favorite team – only 2nd to Niagara, of course) Saturday night.

Okay, this was not the best because I was expecting to be doing this…but it is the greatest I could do on such short notice…and I probably already should have gone to bed.


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