Creative Nonfiction

So, with my senior creative writing elective, we are starting creative nonfiction.  I’m not sure that they know this yet, but it is going to lead into them writing a memoir – or at least a portion of a memoir.  I don’t want (or have time for) them to write the whole thing.  So today, the students had to write stories to go with pictures.  Picture prompts, as I like to call it.  So this was purely fictional.  Tomorrow, we will move into the more nonfiction aspect of it.

So, I participated as well today.  Only, I got a little carried away on one picture and put together a whole story.  I have pasted the photo below and the words that I wrote.  The words are mostly unedited – just like my students – but are words that I am proud of as I try to get out of my rut and back into the life I want to be leading.

It was still exactly the way it looked when she’d left it.  And seeing the space brought her memories flooding back to her.  She could still feel the warmth of the summer sun when she was little and her dad brought her here with his buddies and their kids.  She could feel the strong arms of the first guy she’d ever loved – a boy that would always remain in her memory forever.  She could hear her screams: from when she was a little girl to when she brought her first college boyfriend here and he pulled her up too high before letting go.  The memories flooded her as she felt the strong arms of that same college boyfriend wrap around her.  The one she’d lost, but couldn’t stop thinking about.  The one she thought she’d lost forever, but had come back.  “What are you thinking about?” he asked – his voice piercing through her memories and bringing her back to reality.  “Memories,” she answered honestly.  “I’ll bet,” he said.  “how many other guys have you brought here?”  “You were the last one,” she said turning around and smiling up at him.  He pulled her into a hug and dropped a soft kiss on top of her forehead.  “Wanna relive last time?” he asked a devilish grin on his face.  “Not unless you’re the one on the tire swing,” she joked.  “Come on,” he said.  “I promise I won’t put you as high this time.”  She let him lead her to the swing and sat down.  he started to push her and as he pushed her higher she clung to the tire and the rope.  As he pulled her back, winding up to get her high, she clung to him and begged him not to.  “You’ll be fine,” he told her pulling back further.  As he let go, her screams sounded through the air again – just like before.  She smiled as she remembered how it felt last time – and when she’d come back alone when things ended with him and everyone after him.  As the tire began to slow, she smiled because she was back with him and happy tears sprang to her eyes as she searched for where he’d gone.  When the tire stopped, she was surprised to feel wet tears on her cheek.  She wiped them away – only to have them replaced with more.  She didn’t see or hear him coming, but she felt the comfort of his arms before he even fully wrapped them around her.  “What’s wrong?” he whispered gently.  “I’m just happy,” she whispered back.  “I hope I can make you happier,” he whispered, lifting her off the tire swing.  “You do make me happier,” she said as she wrapped her legs around him before he put her on the ground.  He kissed her gently before pulling away.  “I’m glad you brought me here today,” he told her.  “It’s perfect.”  “It’s perfect when you’re here,” she said.  “Am I really the last guy you brought here?” he asked, fidgeting a little.  She nodded.  “Why?”  “Well, I know you’ve dated other guys,” he said his voice trailing off.  “They weren’t you,” she whispered.  “I couldn’t bring anyone else after you.”  “What do you think,” he started to ask fidgeting even more, “about making me the last guy you ever bring here?”  She started to shake a little as he dropped to one knee and pulled out a ring.

Comments are always welcome.  Please come back in the morning for another post – that’s right…multiple entries in more than one day (two today and another one tomorrow).  No idea how long this will last, but I’m enjoying it – and you should as well.


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