A Change (A Change) Would Do Me Good

First of all, I need to thank everyone that decided to like my last post, follow my blog and let me know that there are people out there listening to what I have to say.  There is nothing so inspiring than to have people actually hearing what you’re saying.  It gives me hope that maybe, someday I really will say something important and that will make a real difference and make things worth it.  I recently commented on a blog that I follow extensively and I said that what I want to feel most is to feel important and that what I’m doing is important.  And, although I didn’t blog on Friday, I did feel that way seeing what everyone said and did.  It was almost as uplifting as the time that I had people read my blog 61 times (thanks to a certain someone touting the post that I wrote about her).

I’ve been going through a really rough period lately.  I’ve been questioning many things and my entire life up to this point is in flux right now.

Because of this, I have a lot of decisions to make – and I’m not very good at making decisions.  And I think that part of it is that I worry too much about how my decisions will affect other people when I really should be worrying about me.

Because at 26, I need to start acting like I’m 26.  Yes, my family and friends are very important to me.  But if I don’t start acting in what’s my best interest, I will never move on and move forward with my life.

I don’t know what changes are going to be made as I move forward and I realize this.  And I know that I have many things I need to focus on – like my current job.  But I am also focused on figuring out what is best for me and what I should be doing.  And that could mean different blog entries, trying new things, retrying things that I liked to do.

Right now, I am still fighting a cold and I should already be asleep.  I am going to post in the evenings now though.  No more scheduling posts, or at least not for now.  When I write, I post.  Hopefully once a day.  But we will see what happens.


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