Another Quick Update

I’m going to make this quick because I really should be in bed, but I know when I get to school tomorrow I won’t have time to write something to post – and I really want to post.

Last week was really rough.  Everything seemed to hit at once – kids that didn’t want to be there/do what they were supposed to, grading galore, a bad cold, friends bailing on something they said they’d do and bad day after bad day.  It really rocked me to my very core and made me question a lot.  And not, necessarily, in a bad way.

But it was hard – as evidenced, I think, by my lack of blogging (which I love to do and don’t ever want to stop).

It was the kind of week that made me question whether or not I should even be a teacher.  And I know that everyone has those weeks, but I wasn’t looking for that to be happening last week.  It was by far the roughest week I’ve had to deal with yet.

The one bright side of the whole thing was that I did start a plan for what I think could be a really fantastic story and that I can’t wait to research more and develop my characters more.  It is something I will definitely be pursuing and writing.  And getting back into my writing made me want to be more creative – take more pictures, create more DIY projects, write song lyrics, make a lyric video (or come up with an idea for a music video)…my creative juices really started flowing.

And that, of course, got me thinking.

I would love to write more (since it’s so good for me), but I really need to get to bed because I definitely got hit with a bad bug this weekend…and still accomplished almost everything that I needed to get done (almost, but not quite).

Everyone have a great week!  I’m hoping that mine is much better – but I also feel as if I can only go up from last week!



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