Love and Theft: A Longing Letter

Dear Eric and Stephen (aka Love and Theft),

I chose to travel the 7 1/2 hours to Lynchburg, VA because you were performing a show that was GA and had tickets for $15.  You guys were the reason that I wanted to come and the reason that I begged and pestered my friend to come with me.  I didn’t know when I made the decision to do this that I would walk away being the fan of two new artists (well, new to me anyway).  I fell in love with you even more over the fact that you love working with and supporting great artists like Brinn Black and Canaan Smith.  I fell in love with them as well, but I’d have to guess that maybe you were expecting that.

What I love most about the two of you is that you have persevered through a lot.  Or maybe it hasn’t been a lot, but you have definitely persevered and haven’t given up.  I don’t know your whole journey, and I probably never will.  But I was excited when a few years back you opened up for Tim McGraw (and I am pumped that you are doing it again and can’t wait to see you perform at this show as well – not sure what date(s) yet, but I’ll be there for sure!) and I was able to see you.  You were still fairly “unknown” in the grand scheme of things then, but I enjoyed the show and was excited.  I was more excited when I got to see you twice this past summer when you were on the virtual Opry stage with Brad Paisley.  That was fantastic and you were combined with another favorite of mine, Jana Kramer!

I have been listening to and loving your music since your first CD (as a trio) and can’t wait to see you grow and put out even more music.  I rock out to it and belt along the tunes more often than not and I use it to calm down and be introspective as well.  It’s the perfect mix of fun and serious and that is why it appeals to me.

The show in Lynchburg did not disappoint (except for maybe the weather…it would go and figure that the two days I am there, it would be cold).  I got there early and I parked myself right in front of the stage.  I saved my friend’s spot while she went and had a meet and greet with you (and assured her that I was happy to let her go because I would have a chance to meet you someday).  I squealed with glee when she came back and you had signed my picture on my tablet (then almost cried when it deleted as I was trying to save it…and became ecstatic again when you signed it at the end of the show).  I rocked out to both Brinn and Canaan as I awaited your time on stage.  Then you came.

You sang all the great hits and some fantastic ones that I hadn’t heard.  You put on a great show and interacted with each other and your band and the audience the way you always do.  And it made me smile.  When Stephen pretended he was going to stomp on my cell phone I feigned being appalled, knowing that he wouldn’t really (and if he did maybe it was a sign that I really did need to get a new phone).  And I danced and sang along, taking pictures to capture at least some of the moments.  I couldn’t have asked for more.

I wanted to stay and hang out after the show, but also wanted to get some sleep as I had to travel back home the next day.  I give you guys props for greeting fans and hanging out with them when you have somewhere to be the next day (even if you have someone else getting you there).  I give you props for your energy and your love of the art.  I give you props for doing what you’re doing and keeping it moving even when things get rough.  Keep working because you are more than on your way!

I knew that the concert would be great (and it was, in case you couldn’t tell from my three love letters).  I didn’t know that when I got back home I would be filled with wanderlust (and I do blame you – and Brinn and Canaan).  At this moment in my life, so many things are up in the air and I just want to drop everything and be a groupie for a while (that’s totally acceptable at the age of 26, right??).  I don’t think I can afford to do this, but a girl can dream.  See you guys this summer (at least once, maybe more!)




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