Canaan Smith: A Love Letter

This is the second part in a three part series (basically) about my trip to Virginia.  If you do not want to read further you should know the follow: Canaan Smith is going to be a huge star.  Start paying attention now because he is the real deal.

Dear Canaan,

When I started to do my research for the Love and Theft concert and I saw that you were opening, my first thought was: damn, he is cute.  So I knew that even if I didn’t like your music (please don’t stop reading here), I would have no problem sitting and watching you perform.  Needless, to say, as I listened to your music I became pretty pumped about seeing you live because I fell in love with that as well.  I started rocking out to your music during my mornings getting ready for the students and I tweeted at you a few times – even getting a few tweets back (which was pretty fantastic).

Then, I got even more excited to see you perform.  I didn’t know that much about you – I had read that you were from Virginia and that you had been on the Amazing Race and whatnot, but all I really cared about was the music and what I had heard left me wanting to hear more and watch you perform and just be happy about seeing you live.  I actually became really bummed that I hadn’t seen you with Sugarland (I’d seen them a few times, but never when you opened) because I would have been a fan long before this.

Then came the performance in Lynchburg.  I was ready to rock and you definitely were too.  It was amazing to rock out to songs that I hadn’t heard before and to see people that were more familiar with you freaking out a little bit.  I can definitely now count myself among those fans.  I am dying to know when I can see you perform next and, once again, I am feeling sad that I don’t live somewhere that has more music come to it (by the way, if you ever want to come to Binghamton, NY – or anywhere nearby – you just let me know and I will be there with song and dance).

I loved that even though I didn’t know all the songs (and neither did everyone in the audience) you treated us with respect and had a great time.  I loved seeing you talk with the sound guys and do your thing (even if they didn’t realize that they were turning your guitar up) and that you stopped the show to get the sound just right for us.  I think it shows such class and that you really do care about making sure you give the absolute best show to your fans.  And the fact that you stayed after for so long with fans and hanging out shows that you are willing to do whatever it takes to build up the great fan base you already did.

So, I’m saying all of the things that I couldn’t say then, in this letter now.  I think your music is fantastic.  I can’t wait to hear more and I’m so excited to consider myself one of your fans now.  You are definitely going to be going places and I hope that I can ride along and see you rise to the top because it seems as if you deserve it.  Thank you for a great show and being so fantastic.  I do wish I could have been a little more brave and stayed and hung out a little more – and maybe if I didn’t have that pesky, 7 1/2 hour drive home on Sunday I would have…but thank you, nonetheless for the picture and the hug and signing the CD.

That being said, I would love to help develop/take part in making a fan club for you (or, you know, give me some information if you already have one that I have somehow missed).  Let me know because I seriously can’t wait to be a part of it and can’t wait to see where you go and everything that you do with your career.  (And I really am being serious here…if you want the help, you let me know.  The kids at school keep me pretty busy, but I’d love to help out!)

Love (a slightly smitten, new fan),


If you don’t think he’s gorgeous just go look him up.  You can check him out at his website here and you can purchase one of his songs on iTunes, but will have to go see him live to purchase his most recent music (that he will gladly sign for you).  I promise, this is a show that you won’t regret seeing.  Show him some love people, he’ll love you back 🙂

I know I look a little ginormous here, but it's okay.  Fantastic.

I know I look a little ginormous here, but it’s okay. Fantastic.


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