Adventure.  I’ve never been a huge one for adventure.  I’ve always been a bit of a homebody – someone that really enjoys staying in and hanging out with people that I am close with.

But I’m beginning to see that in order to meet new people so that I can be the homebody that I want to be, I’m going to have to be a bit adventurous.  And the best way to be adventurous is to be adventurous with a friend.  So, that’s what I’m doing on this long weekend away from school.   A weekend that I am grateful for and really excited about spending the way I’m planning on spending it.

I am going to be heading to Lynchburg, VA to go and see the Love and Theft concert at Phase II.  I’m really excited about it – which I’ve said about 800 times – but it’s because it is so true.  I have really enjoyed Love and Theft for quite a while now.  I have their first CD which I love (and back when they were a trio).  And I bought their new CD the day that it came out.  And love pretty much every single track.  It’s great.

And I’m so pumped because the show is GA, which means that I will be front and center hopefully.

Some other things that I have done to be adventurous lately:

I went to the singles mingle with my friend (the same one that is going to VA with me).

I signed up (and have started training) for a half marathon – which I am determined to complete without a problem.

I dropped some cash on a tablet that I think and hope that I am going to love.  It’s pretty nifty.

I have taken to inviting my friends to things that I want to attend – hockey games and concerts and all.

I also, back in August, accepted the year long journey I have been on as an English teacher.

So, I’ve been way more adventurous than I ever thought I would be.  But I’m glad that I have stepped outside my comfort zone a little.  And hopefully I can continue making good choices and good risks.


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