B-Sens Do It For Daron Game

On Sunday, I will be attending the Binghamton Senators hockey game that is being used to spread awareness about mental health and suicide in teenagers.  This game that is partnering with Do It For Daron (DIFD) and the Mental Health Association for the Southern Tier (MHAST) is something that is extremely important.  And I’m so glad that I’m going to be able to go and see good hockey and support a great cause – something that the B-Sens have been doing for years and will continue to do for as long as they are here.

As a teacher of high school students this year, I have seen a side of them that I wasn’t necessarily aware of – a side of them that can be hard to handle and scary to deal with.  Many students (more than I can remember when I was a student) are dealing with anxiety issues and having thoughts of suicide.

There are many reasons for those thoughts and it is never the same for anyone, but the thoughts still exist.  And the great thing about this game and this DIFD initiative is that it will hopefully get people talking about the issue and the feelings that people have.  There is a stigma with talking about this stuff that is still hard, even today and sometimes it is hard to know what to say.

High school and adolescence are a scary time.  A lot of things are changing and many teenagers (and younger kids) are dealing with things that I never could have imagined dealing with (although my time of adolescence wasn’t that long ago).  And that can be extremely hard.  And here is what I think we need to tell them.

It is okay to be frustrated and hurt.  It is okay to be angry.  It is okay to have these feelings.  Other people have them too.  But you need to talk about it.  Talk to your parents.  Or your friends.  Or a stranger.  Write your feelings down if it helps.  Find something constructive that makes you feel better and make it work for you.

I went through a rough patch in high school.  I was down on everything.  I wasn’t feeling like myself and I had thoughts of suicide.  Today, I’m still here.  I made it through and sometimes I don’t know if people knew that it was as bad as it was.  Sometimes, I still feel down.  I still remember how dark it was when I felt that way.  But I also know that I made it through.  And you will too.

Talk to someone.  Tell them how you feel.  Let them listen.  And if you want advice, ask for it.  You are worth it and you are here for a reason.  Don’t lose sight of that – as hard as it is sometimes.

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It is a great day to get involved in something wonderful.  Hockey is a great game.  The Binghamton Senators are a great organization and this is a very worthy cause to support.  Please considering attending the game and supporting this cause.  If nothing else, rock out in your purple on Sunday because you can and to support this awesome cause.  It just may help someone that needs it.


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