Lack of Motivation

I have been horribly unmotivated as of late.  I haven’t wanted to do work and as a result, I am sitting up and trying to figure my life out and get plans done for tomorrow (or as you’re reading this today).  I am tired and I am cranky because of things that are out of my control.  And because of things that are in my control.  So, I’m going to finish my work and then I’m going to actually get things done for Wednesday tomorrow at school so that when I get home I can watch The Bachelor (which I could not watch tonight) and then watch it tomorrow as well since it’s like a super double effort.

Also, I have been trying to plan things that have nothing to do with school – like a trip to a Love and Theft concert over President’s Day weekend.  And the possibility of purchasing a tablet (which I was going to do, but have decided not to do…at least yet).

So, I can’t leave you with anything else tonight.  Because I’m already exhausted and have work to do and need to get ready my stuff ready for tomorrow.  Hopefully, maybe, tomorrow I will have more information for you.

How do you deal with lack of motivation?

Any advice for me?

Do you love Love and Theft?  How should I convince my friends that they MUST go with me?

Do you think my lack of motivation means that I’m in the wrong job?  (as a side note, I really love my job – things are just dicey right now)

What is your favorite tablet?  I was (and still am to an extent) look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, but open to options now that I didn’t take the easy way…

And on another side note, I’m in charge of music for my school this Friday (they play music between classes), what should I play?



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