Real Quick Recap and A Wish

It is way past my bedtime and I promise to do a decent entry sometime this weekend, but I wanted something for Friday because I feel like I must have something.

I went to a singles mingle with a friend of mine tonight.  She had heard about it and asked me to go.  It wasn’t what I expected, but it was at least fun and got me out of the house.  I did give out my number but don’t necessarily have high expectations or expect anything from it.

Tomorrow is February 1st – CRAZY!!  I am going to beginning a month long (it is the shortest month) yoga challenge.  I really need to get back into shape more and eating better and yoga always helps with that.

So, I’m not writing anymore because I’m practically falling asleep right now, but just wanted an update.

Have a great weekend everyone!!  I promise to post something on Saturday maybe so that you’re not just left in the dust.


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