Outside My Comfort Zone

My nails are painted.  I switched my home teaching so that I have more time tomorrow to get ready.  I have multiple outfits picked out with multiple accessories available (shoes count as accessories, right?).  I am ready to go.

I agreed to go to an event with a friend that would get both of us out of our comfort zone and possibly find both of us meeting someone new and getting at least one (if not more than one) date out of things.  And if not a new date, then maybe some new friends.

Tomorrow I am attending a singles mingle.  I don’t know exactly what this is going to entail.  I don’t know if I will come out of it feeling like I wasted my 10 dollars or if I’ll feel like I paid too little.  It will be interesting.

I haven’t had a lot of time to think about it and I have more things that I should have been doing…besides painting my nails while watching American Idol.  But my aunt and uncle came down and we did dinner and froyo.  And it was great.

Now, I’m behind.  I need to wake up and shower in the morning and then I need to get to school to get work done. I should be okay to get this stuff done.  It’ll be hard, but I can do it.  I just will need to work.

So this is it.  It’s all you get.

Coming in February (which starts Friday): a yoga challenge (for real – the one that I didn’t do this month but am definitely doing in February) and my other fitness goals.  Also a review of this singles mingle and what I hope to gain from it and possibly reaching back out onto the online dating world again.  I’ve been stingy and rude and need to reassess things and possible redo my profile and make things happen.

For now, it’s bedtime so that I can get up and do my thing tomorrow…and do new things tomorrow.


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