First Weekend of 26

My first weekend of 26 turned out to be a pretty okay one.  I started the weekend by coming home and not doing any work, even though I should have.  The real fun was on Saturday.

Saturday, I was able to hang out with my brother a little bit because he was home to work.  We did a little shopping – where I actually bought nothing but food to eat.  Then, I came home and again did no work.  Then, I had the greatest moment ever.  I had plans with a friend and I had an amazing time.

About 5:15, okay that was when I texted her back, my friend texted me and said they were getting food and asked if I wanted to come over before the hockey game we were going to.  So I did.  And we had a blast and it was a lot of fun.  Then, the hockey game happened.  It was a great game and I am determined that I will make my friends into hockey fans yet – one game at a time is all it takes, really!  The game was exciting and fantastic.  It went to a shootout (which is not my favorite thing), but my friend was happy because she wanted to see a shootout.  And we won, of course.  Because even if the game had been good, it can’t be great if you don’t win.

After, I came home and went to bed.  I was singing with choir Sunday morning at 8:30 so I needed to get some sleep.  After church, I went over to my dad’s for about an hour and came home to procrastinate a little bit more before finally doing some of my work.

I know this isn’t great and I was totally going to post something better, but my procrastination has led me to do something that I didn’t want to do.  The rest of the week, I’m actually going to do my creative writing prompts I think…just like my students – have I mentioned that I’m teaching creative writing this next half of the year?

Okay, so this is what you get since I’ve been a slacker all weekend.  Talk to you all soon!


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