Bits of Me

I’ve been having a hard time being positive lately.  I think you can tell based on some of my posts last week – the majority of my posts last week.  It’s been a roller coaster that has been pushed by one thing, but has to do with all the things.  Just like a roller coaster.  I don’t go on them because they make me feel sick – but they make me feel sick because of the drop and the speed and the hurtling around turns.

So, I want to try and stay positive.  Because being positive is important and it makes things better for me and for the people in my life – which includes the students that I am teaching.  Those students have helped me grow in so many ways and have tested my patience in more ways that I could possibly imagine.  But in my new pledge to try and stay positive, I’d like to offer insight into some random things about me that may make you like me more or hate me.  Either way, these are things that you should know about me and that will help you understand me better – hopefully.

I am a romantic.  I hide it pretty well because I don’t think that my idea of romance is necessarily the same as everyone else.  I also have huge walls up.  Walls that no one has gotten through yet.  But I want someone that will text me in the morning saying good morning and text me good night at night.  Someone that wants to hang out with me while I grade papers or just cuddle with me while we watch a movie.  And I want someone that wants to hold me and kiss me and love me – just like everyone else.

I love country music. And I will never abandon it.  Do you want me to have a good night?  Take me to a country concert and dance and sing along with me.  If you really want to impress me, stake out the bus with me afterwards so that we can maybe meet the artist(s).  Why country music?  Because they’re real people that have real talent that appreciate the fans.  Are other music genres like this?  Probably.  But I am a country girl.  And a country girl I will stay.  Forever.

I am a hockey fan.  I think I can say this with absolute certainty now.  I am a hockey fan.  I love the game.  I’m not sure how it happened, but I fell in love with the game and I will never not be a fan.  I am still looking for a friend that will become my hockey buddy with me.  A friend that is close to me (location wise) and that will go to games with me.  I’m still learning the game and I’m sure that I will never completely understand it.  But I enjoy the game and I will always be a fan.  I am 100% thrilled that the NHL is back.  But I will always appreciate lower levels as well (college and minor league).

I love to read. I will read almost anything you put in front of me.  When I get a magazine, I read the entire thing, cover to cover – not just the article I bought it for.  And I usually read it in order.  I am a fan of young adult, chick lit, classics and everything in between.  I also enjoy reading blogs, journals, articles.  Reading makes the world smarter – everyone should read for at least 20 minutes a day…at least!

I am a television junkie.  I get sucked into television quicker than anyone I know.  And I am perfectly content laying in bed and watching television all day long – especially if it’s something I’ve been missing.  I have some severe guilty pleasures when it comes to television…and movies.

I love my job. I am a teacher and I love my job.  But there are days when it is way harder than I ever could have imagined.  There are days when I absolutely feel like I can’t do it and I won’t make it through.  There are days when all I want to do is complain about students because they have been driving me crazy.  And there are days when I am amazed by my students because they blow my mind (in good and bad ways).  But, at the end of the day, I love it and I can’t imagine doing anything else.

I love to write.  This one probably should have gone under “I love to read” but it’s here instead.  Writing is therapeutic.  It makes me happy and it gives me a release.  Someday, I’d like to write my own novel and have it published and have people all over the world read it and connect with it.  I’d love to write songs with someone famous – just for the experience and to see if it’s something I’m good at.

I am creative and I am child.  I have told people that the reason I am a teacher is because I am a child at heart.  And this is true.  I am a child at heart.  I want to play, create and be young.  I love to take pictures and I love to do arts and crafts.  And maybe someday this will become something for me.

I am an introvert.  I love spending time with my friends.  I wish I had friends that were closer.  But as an introvert (and slightly socially awkward), I have a hard time getting past that initial phase.  I want to chat with you about things that matter and things that don’t.  And I want you to want to do the same.  And I need my alone time.  I can have that alone time with you, if you’ll let me be quiet and process and recharge.  If not (and sometimes even still), I need to be completely alone.  Just me.  But if you become my friend, I will not abandon you.  Ever.  You are important to me.

If you have read this far, you know things about me that most people probably don’t.  But I appreciate you reading this far.  And I hope that someone out there finds something to connect with.  Something that helps you to see that you’re not alone.  Because we all like to feel a part of something every now and then.


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