This Weekend

This weekend was supposed to be fun and great and wonderful.  And it was – I guess – just not in the way that I had expected.

I’ve had a little bit of a roller coaster of a week.  I was on cloud 9 on Tuesday and I quickly plummeted back to the ground Wednesday.  And it put me into a little bit of a depressive funk.  And I’m doing better now, but not great.  And that is life.

So, when I left school on Friday, I was not in the mood to do anything.  So I didn’t.  And then after I did nothing (even though I maybe should have done some things), I watched Pretty Woman.  Yes, the fabulous movie with Julia Roberts.  Because Pretty Woman restores my faith in humanity and gives me hope that maybe someday I will find someone as fantastic as Richard Gere – not that I want to be paid to be with a man for a week, but all the presents and extra stuff would not be bad.  I’d even settle for just good conversation and figuring things out like they do so often in the movie.  And, of course, the happy ending is great.  And I actually really think it’s funny.  So, it did help.  It restored my faith a little bit.

Then, Saturday, I got up and went for a run.  It was NOT a great run by any means.  It was not a LONG run by any means.  But I got out of bed and I went for a run.  And when I was finished with my not-so-great run, I rested for about 3 minutes and had some water and then I did some sprints.  And my legs are definitely feeling that a little bit, which is okay for me and makes me happy.  And although it was not a great run or a long run, I pushed the pace, which makes me pretty happy.

The rest of Saturday was almost a complete waste of a cute outfit.  Almost.  My aunt and uncle saved it a little bit by having us go to dinner and then we almost went to a fro-yo place.  Well, we did go, but then we left because the line was so long.  But I ran into an old high school friend and we chatted and it was nice to see him and it made me smile.  Because I looked good (and who doesn’t want to look good when they run into an old friend).  Then, I came back home.  I put in another Julia Robert’s movie.  My Best Friend’s Wedding.  On recommendation from a friend.  I had never seen it.  But it was nice.

Sunday (I am actually writing this Sunday morning, which I know is cheating a little, but I have a Sunday plan) I got up and did not do yoga like I had planned on.  I was undecided about a run, so I took the day off (at least I planned to).  I went to the movies with my sister.  A movie that I was hoping to see Saturday.  With someone else.  But it didn’t happen.  So I went early Sunday morning – the earliest showing there was.  This meant that I got to go for about half the price I’d have gone if I went Saturday night like I had planned.

And then, I hung out with her.  And we had a family dinner.  And I graded midterms (at least some of them).

Other stuff happened this weekend.  But it’s stuff that I’m still not ready to share.  Because I’ve been sitting on something that I haven’t shared with anyone.  Seriously, not a single person knows.  And it’s partially driving me crazy.  But it’s okay at the same time.  Because I’m waiting.  To see what happens.  To see if it’s a real thing, a sure thing, a good thing.  Because if it’s not, I’d rather just brood on my own and get over it.

How was everyone else’s weekend?


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