I Am Such A Girl

It is waaaaay past my bedtime right now. And you might get another post tomorrow, depending on my workload and what I actually get done. Until then, you’ll have to live with this.

As evidenced by my rambling posts (and if you thought that was everything, boy are you wrong), my extraneous thoughts, my marathon texting (I don’t even really like texting that much) I have come to a conclusion: I am such a girl. And in a bad way currently. But in a way that is making me feel giddy and happy at times.

For the first time, ever, I think, I have run out of text messages. My phone refills tomorrow (which is good), but I’m glad that I’ve been thinking about getting a new phone which would force me to upgrade to a new plan – have I mentioned that my birthday is coming up.

Also, I am posting this now because I want to have something for tomorrow and I’ll be dead (remember, how I’ve started scheduling posts so that I don’t forget, well right now it is 11:16 PM and I still have to brush my teeth and get clothes laid out for tomorrow…yes, I lay out my clothes the night before). The reason: I got sucked into a book. I just finished reading Gone Girl. Will post about it later (maybe tomorrow? maybe later this week? maybe never? hopefully soon!)

Tuesday was a great day…even if I was waiting for something (and well rewarded for the wait). I hope the rest of the week follows suit.

Have a great day, everyone!


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