A Quickie

I have another post coming later today. My scheduled post that I had planned on havingup today. A post that I am still a little weary about posting, but that I am going to keep up and hopefully get some thoughtful insights on.

I have gotten into the routine of writing at night so that I am sure that I get something posted. It is good for me because I am writing at night, which is great because it helps to clear my mind and I want to write every single day…I wanted to write something fiction wise every single day, but I’m not there yet…of course, being sick didn’t help with that.

But this morning, I woke up and I was feeling fantastic. Last night, I had some trouble falling asleep (it could be that I’d gotten too much sleep over the last few days because of being sick…is there really such a thing?). But anyways, I woke up this morning and I’m having a great day. A great day. I’m cheerful (although a little tired now that I’ve been up for a couple hours). I’m happy. I’m excited. I’m ready for the day like I haven’t been in a while. And that makes me extremely happy.

And it was little things. Like hearing an old favorite song from a favorite band. And then having a banana for breakfast (and actually having my appetite back…yay!). And just being excited for life.

And, the best part (or maybe something I need to think about a little), is that it wasn’t hinging on a certain message I’ve gotten used to seeing in the morning. More to come on this – at least maybe.

Have a great day, everyone! And smile because it makes you look happier, healthier and prettier 🙂

[Added at 7:31 – I am clearly feeling a little too overwhelmed and stimulated right now and I want to get these words down…it’s like I can’t keep them from spilling from my fingers onto the screen today…hope I don’t regret this word vomit later seeing as I am here to clarify something from earlier. That certain message I talked about, I’m still hoping for it, but it’s nice to know that I’m not hinging on it. I don’t know if that makes sense. But life usually doesn’t. And that’s fantastic and I am going to stop rambling now and go and be at school, be as present as possible]


One thought on “A Quickie

  1. I’m commenting on my own post…just after I have written it. Which leads me to think that I shouldn’t write quick posts and just post them because I probably have more to say. But I just wanted to add, I’m in one of those creative moods. A mood where I want to create – words on paper that bring things to life, artful jewelry that brings inspiration/strength to someone, photography that awes someone and captures a moment. A mood where I want to learn new things – how to sew, how to play piano, how to make webpages again (all things that are creative as well). Something to mull over quite a bit.


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