NHL Lockout Be Gone…Game On!

When I first heard – saw really – the news, I was elated. Hockey is back. The NHL has finally gotten the over its inability to compromise (I mean we all have issues) and struck a deal. I am so glad. But, then I was sad. My team – my AHL team – is doing so well. And I know there are guys that are going to Ottawa now that the season will start back up. And it makes me sad. Because I love seeing these guys play. And I love having great hockey. And I know that won’t change. But just as our teams are getting started and doing well, we’re going to be shaken up again. We’re halfway through our season and we’re going to have to start fresh again. And I don’t know how I feel about that.

And as happy as I am, and as much as I know that the AHL players want to make it to the NHL, I think the NHL needs to know just how upset us fans are – both the fans of the NHL, the fans of the AHL and the fans of both. I think that if we can make it through this season, we’ll be okay. But it’s going to be a tougher transition than they’re thinking – at least I think so (and I am by no means a hockey expert at all).

I’ve heard a few things that I like. I think that all fans should boycott the first game. I know that this isn’t actually realistic because fans are excited about hockey being back – I mean, I’m excited about hockey being back as well. The other option, which I guess is better is to give away free tickets to the home opener. This would be better and make things better, sort of. It’s a kind of retribution to the fans for everything that has gone on and everything that we’ve been through.

Of course, there are fans that won’t come back. This could have been really deadly to hockey in the US, which is sad to me. But I think it’s going to be even more deadly based on what happens as the weeks go on. Like, I said – I’m an AHL fan…mostly because I live in an AHL city. And I am lucky enough that I live in the city of my NHL team. But I don’t want to see my AHL team go to the dogs because all of them are called up to the NHL team (although I know that’s where they really want to be). I feel like I’m at odds with myself.
It’s a little like I feel when my favorite band (who remain favorites) becomes super successful and it becomes so much harder to get tickets to see them. I’m proud that they have become as successful as they are, and they deserve it, but I miss the days when I was able to decide the week (or even the day) of the show that I wanted to go and be able to get tickets.

So, I’ve been pretty sick this weekend and I need to pack and get ready for school because it’s probably going to be a rough day tomorrow because I’m not 100% better. So, I’m going to get ready for school and then I’m going to get to school and hopefully things will get better as the day goes on.
And hopefully we all learn a lesson from the NHL Lockout, a lesson that I think most of us learn in real life pretty early. It’s stupid to fight over money. Because everyone becomes miserable. Make what’s important happen (such as getting the season started) and the rest will fall into place. But this is just coming from a humble fan, who admittedly doesn’t know anything about the logistics of the game, just enjoys the game. And so, yes, I’m glad they’re back. But I’m hoping this works well.

Have a great week all.


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