It’s a New Year

It’s definitely a new year. And the new year did not ring in exactly as I’d wanted. And I am most definitely NOT ready to be back at school. I did almost nothing over break. I didn’t clean my room like I wanted (that is definitely happening this weekend sometime hopefully). I didn’t make new seating charts. I didn’t make plans. Today, I finally started to make plans for my seniors. God help my sophomores. I mean, I know what I’m doing. I just feel so unprepared because I’ve been out of the loop for so long. And I’m procrastinating right now because I need to go and pack so that I can go to bed. But I have a lot of nervous energy because a certain something may be happening soon.

So. First day of 2013 down. And I have already learned a few things. So, you’re going to get this. And that’s it. I’m thinking that until I get things settled down (and by that I mean snap myself out of the feeling that I don’t have to get anything done since school is back in session) my blog posts may be a bit shorter. We will see what happens. But for now – the five things I have already learned from 2013.

1. I should trust my gut – regardless of how much I want to hang out with my friends and make them happy.
2. The bar/club scene is still not for me. It never really has been (unless you count dive bars or a bar that’s filled with people that I know, like class functions at college) and it never really will be.
3. Overreacting makes nothing better and only makes me feel worse about the situation.
4. Running and yoga are not only good for the body, but they are ridiculously good for the soul – and definitely needed when perspective is lacking.
5. Routine is the key to everything (which is why I did not get anything done over break…because I had no routine)

When I got home around 1:30 after ringing in the new year, I rattled off some thoughts that are best left for me to know about. Suffice it to say that I envisioned a different outcome. And sometimes, I feel as if my high hopes and optimism might just be my downfall. But I will keep believing in them.

This is it. These are my words for today. I wanted to (and might try) to write something after I get packed depending on the time. Tomorrow morning is going to come waaaaayyyy too early.

I need to pack and get ready for school. Back to reality and I’m not sure that I want to be there – I’m not sure at all.


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