Pressing Pause

I am doing what so many other bloggers have already chosen to do for the season. I am pressing pause on this wonderful experiment of mine. An experiment that I’m not even sure is working.

I’m pressing pause so that I don’t feel the pressure of having to get here every day to post something.

I’m pressing pause to spend time with my family – a family that drives me mad, but that I’m glad is mine.

I’m pressing pause to (hopefully) travel and see friends that are just like family.

I’m pressing pause to figure things out. Things that I have to figure out for myself before I can blog about them.

Who knows, I may be back later before my planned return. I may not be able to stay away. I may have to write to figure it out and I may want to do it here. I’m really not sure.

Either way, everyone have a very Merry Christmas (and if you don’t celebrate, just have a fantastic day and don’t begrudge me my beliefs and holidays)!! I’ll be back next Monday for a round up post and then a New Year post next Tuesday…and like I said, maybe I’ll be back before that.

Enjoy the next week. Spend time with the ones you love and hold them closer than you ever have. Open up to somebody new and take a risk, you never know how it will pay off.


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