A Come From Behind Victory

I went to a hockey game last night (thus why I am writing this now). And I’m glad that I went because, although I didn’t win the ugly sweater contest and I probably could have had I not gotten lost, the team won. And it was a come from behind victory.

Going into the 3rd period, the team was down 3-0. In that 3rd period, they scored 4 goals and won. It was fantastic. And the energy in the arena went from deflated to electric very quickly.

And it made me think about life. And how maybe, someday soon, I will have a come from behind victory. In any and all areas of my life.

I don’t have time for much else right now as I am in a grading frenzy and have no free time this evening (I am home teaching after school then I am going to dinner for my dad’s birthday and then I have choir practice). So, I’ll try to have a better post for tomorrow. We will see.


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