Wishful Thinking

I thought for sure that I would have all the time in the world today to write a post and talk about what I want to do with my life and generally muse about how I’m feeling and what’s been going on in my life and what’s to come.

You might be asking: why? Why does she feel like she’d have more time today than any other day? And why in the world did she not just write her post at night like she normally does?

Well, let me answer some of those questions. I thought I would have more time today than other times because my 10th graders are all taking a test today and I thought that would mean that I would be able to do things on my own and get in some me time. It hasn’t. I’m through with my third 10th grade class of the day and I am only jsut getting to writing this.

I haven’t read the articles I wanted to. I haven’t graded the SCRs that I wanted to. I haven’t been able to write a real blog post like I wanted to.

It seems that every time that I think I will have more time and be able to do things, I can’t. Something gets in the way. Something makes me stop and think and I don’t get the time. And it makes me sad.

I have so much to do. And I haven’t gotten it done. I promise to write better blog posts for the rest of the week. And to just be better in general.

Enjoy your day.

By the way, my brain thinks that it is Wednesday. It is only Tuesday. And that’s not good at all. Plus, I wish that it were Friday afternoon.


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