I Took A Break

[Disclaimer: This post was written Sunday evening when I already should have been in bed and sleeping]

Because I already wrote an incredibly long, rambling entry that some of you who visit regularly could have read and some may not have, I don’t want to overload this. Plus, I am extremely busy today (of course, aren’t we all?).

I took a break tonight. After getting things finished, I watched Elf for the first time this season. And then I watched Ashley and JP’s wedding special (it was the last season that I really watched). And because of that, and all of the thoughts that are in my head, I don’t want to write anything heavy here again.

Today (that is Monday, even though I am writing this on Sunday evening…and late), I am going to live my life. I am probably going to struggle to get out of bed on time (I mean, it is WAAAAAAAYYYY past my bedtime). Then, I will get to school and try to be productive. I have to be productive. Because after school, I am going to run/walk with the teacher that I have been running/walking with after school. After that, I have to go out in search for the perfect ugly sweater – both for school and for the hockey game I will be attending on Wednesday. Then, tomorrow evening is the chorus and orchestra concert for the school, which I will attend.

Despite the fact that my job can be extremely difficult at times, I am going to do my best to appreciate every minute of it and appreciate every single student (even the ones that test my patience and make it hard). I will collect all of the late essays (which I have already spent many, many hours grading) and I will thank the students for handing them in and I will try to smile throughout the whole day. And this will be hard, but I will do the best that I can because I know that there are teachers that are not able to do this any longer.

Life is hard and life is trying. And life is extremely busy, especially this time of year. But it is still here and it is still mine. To live and to love and to cherish.

Have a great Monday, everyone!


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