Florida Georgia Line: An Album Review

Although I have purchased many more albums, I have decided to do another (probably a final) album review for 2012.  I was hesitant to purchase this album at first because I had recently purchased the EP and so I had five of the songs.  But I wanted the extra songs that were on the Target deluxe edition and it was only $10 when I bought it.  So I was a happy girl.  And now, I bring you my thoughts on a CD that I am extremely happy that I purchased and will be in regular rotation again once Christmas music takes a backseat again.

Overall, I really love this CD.  I think it’s great.  It is high energy and the songs have great messages.

Cruise – This is the first single off of the album and had been out for a while.  It had to grow on me.  But I really love it now.  I think that it had to grow on me because of the fact that it is a little more metaphorical than most songs.  I don’t have a favorite line in this song.  I think it’s because of the universality of it – and it having to grow on me…which it totally did!

Round Here – This is another pretty great, upbeat song.  I’m loving it.  Here are my favorite lines.  “And country on the boombox.  Candles on the toolbox.  I’m doing everything right.  Got the country boy charm.  Turned all the way on tonight.”  This has the best mix of old school (how many children would cringe at the thought of a boombox – or not even know what it is) and country.  It’s fantastic.

Get Your Shine On – Another rocking song, but with a great picking entrance.  I love the picking of the entrance before it really starts rocking and the picking that continues through.  Favorite line: “Feelin’ lucky got hooked up with some Kentucky clear.  So slide that sugar shaker over here and…”  I just like the way that he loves the girl in this.  It’s fantastic and makes me very happy 🙂

Here’s to the Good Times – Who doesn’t love a song about good times that you have.  And I love that this slows things down just a little bit because it’s a great juxtaposition of what most people think of as “good times”.  Favorite line: “Here’s to the good times, while there’s still time.”  That sums up how I feel about life lately.  And how so many people feel about life.

It’z Just What We Do – This is the epitome of hillbilly rock – to me.  And I mean that in a completely flattering way.  Because I really like this song and it makes me smile every time I hear it.  Favorite lines: “Hey we might look a little crazy tonight.  But hey baby that’s alright.  It’z our backwoods boondock roots.”  How many kids that are from the boonies can totally understand and relate to this.  I could do with less of the rap-ish stuff.

Stay – I don’t think I’ve met a song by this name that I didn’t like.  And this is definitely no exception.  A rare ballad on a country album that leans toward the new country age of rock [edit: when I think of this song, I think of it as a ballad, but listening to it now, I realize it’s a little fast-paced for a ballad, but I still love it].  And I love it.  It might be my favorite song on the entire album.  Favorite lines: “I’d sell my soul just to see your face/ And I’d break my bones just to heal your pain/ In these times I need a saving grace/ But time is running out and I’m starting to lose my faith”.  Right at the beginning.  Totally unexpected and totally beautiful.  Really this whole song is great – the chorus pulls it together, but I love the verses.

Hell Raisin’ Heat Of The Summer – Another great song.  It makes me reminisce about times that I never really had, but could still create.  And, of course, of the few times that really fit this song to a t.  Favorite lines: “Yeah I see it clearer in the rearview mirror/ Than I ever did lookin’ out over the hood/ Yeah man, we had some damn good times/ And I sure hope everybody’s doin’ good”  Anyone that isn’t friends with old friends – due to distance of any type – can relate to this.  It’s a great ode to everyday life.  This is one of those songs that it was hard to pick those lines because I love so many of them.

Tell Me How You Like It – I would not expect me to love this song as much as I do.  But I really do.  It’s surprising to me.  I don’t have a favorite line in this song.  The whole thing just makes me smile and makes me happy.  If I had to have FGL sing me one song, this might be it.  I don’t know why, it’s just so great.  It has a great beat and I absolutely love the echo on the chorus.  And I love that it could be about anything in the world.  Anything.

Tip It Back – Another huge favorite.  I love the way they manipulate the phrase “tip it back” in so many different ways.  It reminds me of Homeboy by Eric Church – only I actually like this song (I wasn’t a huge fan of Homeboy).  The whole thing is an instructional how-to in life.  And if everyone abided by these rules, life might be a little bit better (note: you’ll notice they said tip it back, not chug it down).  No favorite here, again.  Just a great song that could definitely be a hit single.

Dayum, Baby – This song features Sarah Buxton (whom I happen to be quite fond of).  I love that they brought her in on this song that is all about how a guy can’t take his eyes off a girl at all.  And the sweet voice and harmony of Sarah’s vocals brings a new level to the guys that really softens this song for me.  Favorite lines: “I saw you smile back/ And I didn’t miss that/ It’s on later on wink”  The girl is not oblivious to this master plan.  She wants it to (as you can also tell in Sarah’s lyrics).

Party People – This song is slower than I think it should be sometimes, but it makes sense and it mixes some great aesthetics.  It has some great sung lyrics intertwined with some rap-like lyrics…and it really works for them!  I don’t have a favorite here, but the message is one that so many people embrace…and I embrace sometimes.  I mean, everyone likes to relax and let go on the weekend and this song is a great anthem to have.

What Are You Drinking (Target deluxe edition)Probably my actual favorite song.  I don’t know why because I don’t drink.  But I love that this is not really talking about drinking at all.  It’s a simple word exchange, but it works so well and it’s really great.  Favorite lines: “Hey girl what’s a girl like you doing in a place like this?”  I’m not really sure how to explain why I like this song.  I mean, the beat is great, the rhythm is fun and I can imagine it really helping to take my mind off of things if I needed it to.

Country In My Soul (Target deluxe edition)Another great song that I love.  I feel as if there is nothing for me to complain about and so I won’t.  When I hear the beginning of this song, I immediately think of Miley Cyrus – and then I smile even bigger when I hear that it is FGL because they are way better than Miley (in my humble opinion) and this song is much better than Party in the USA (again, in my humble opinion).  The whole thing is great but is, of course, summed up: “A little bit of Florida, a little bit of Georgia and a whole lotta country in my soul.”  Also the perfect summation of FGL (in my very humble opinion).

I would recommend this CD to any country fan.  I don’t have a song that I don’t love.  And like I said, when I put my Christmas music back on the back burner again, this will go back into heavy rotation.  I hope that someday soon I am able to see them in concert live because I’m pretty sure that they probably put on one hell of a show.  If you haven’t gone and gotten this CD – go get it!  As you know, I don’t just review any old CD.  So, do it!!!

Questions?  Comments?  Do you also love this CD as much as I do?  If you had to recommend it to someone else, would you?  Enjoy!

[ps – because it’s 12-12, I changed my posting time to 12:12…as opposed to my normal 11:11]


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