Working Wonders

I know that I haven’t been the happiest blogger this week.  It’s been rough and I’ve had some working woes (or two).  But I also have some really great and really fantastic working wonders.  And I know that the woes seem like I would be writing more, but it’s because I was really writing about other things I loved and enjoyed – not just about my working woes.  So, on to some working wonders.

Working wonder #1: I have a job that I know about and go to every single day.  I know what to expect – for the most part – and what I am up against.  I control what I do – again, for the most part – and can be creative…something that many people lack.

Working wonder #2: I am living out my dream.  I have always wanted to be a teacher.  It is literally the only thing that I ever really remembering telling people that I wanted to do.  Is it different than I imagined?  Yes.  But it is still my dream and I still love it!

Working wonder #3: I have money.  I’m not saving for retirement (although I probably should be).  But for the first time EVER I am able to go and buy things if I want them.  I can pay all of my bills.  I’m not worried about starving because I don’t have food.  It’s a huge blessing!

Working wonder #4: I have purchased more new music than I ever have.  If there is a CD I want, I go buy it.  If there is a concert I want to see (and it is within driving distance and I can go), I go.  I love music and anyone that hasn’t found music that they love needs to not stop searching because when you do, your life will feel more complete.

Working wonder #5: If I am having a bad day or I am not feeling well, my day is done at 3 o’clock.  Now, my day begins at 7:30 and my “prep” and “lunch” periods usually have kids involved in some way.  But as long as I know what I am doing the next day, if I need to leave right away, I can.  And that is really nice some days.

Working wonder #6: I have been to more hockey games this season than probably all other seasons combined (minus the games that I attended at Niagara because those were free!!!).  This makes me happy.  Because hockey makes me almost as happy as music does.

Working wonder #7: I have established relationships with teachers that have saved me.  I can joke with them.  They can joke with me.  And I can honestly call some of them real friends.  They look out for me and I look out for them.  And in the end, if I need someone to pick me up because I am feeling down, there is always someone there.

Working wonder #8: I never fail to smile at least once a day.  Even on the days when I want to pull my hair out, I smile.  Even on the days when I am dragging and tired, I smile.  Even on the days when none of the kids have an answer for anything, I smile.  And smiling at least once a day is a fantastic thing.  I don’t know if all people can say that.

Working wonder #9: Even if I do not feel supported by all the people in my life, I know that I have the support of my colleagues and superiors.  I have amazing role models to look up to.  And I have lofty goals to meet and shoes to fill.  And I know that if I can continue this, I will get better and things will be fantastic.

Working wonder #10: I have built in vacations (which can definitely be a downside sometimes) where I am supposed to (and have been encouraged to by many teachers) de-stress and unwind.  Built in vacations where I am supposed to go and see friends.  Built in vacations where I am supposed to veg out and do nothing.  Built in vacations meant to keep me sane (or working on other projects that I want to consider working on).

I also love that I have a built in bedtime (which I have been staying up past this week – and maybe that has something to do with my crabbiness??) and endless entertainment.  My job is definitely never dull.

So, it’s not all doom and gloom.  There are definitely some very large amounts of rainbows and butterflies!!


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