Working Woes Part II

So when I wrote about my working woes yesterday, I was having a bad week.  As a matter of fact, this week hasn’t been great at all.  It started with a very stereotypical Monday and it has just continued in that exact same fashion.  Now, sitting here in my bed tonight, typing on my computer with internet back at my house, I know that I have A LOT to be thankful for.  And one of those things is having money to do things.  But this is also where my biggest woe comes in because I am no longer available to do those things.

And the things that I speak of have a whole lot to do with country music.

For example, Carrie Underwood was in Albany Tuesday night.  Did I go?  Nope.  I didn’t go because I didn’t have anyone to go with and it was a school night and there was a faculty meeting.  And it was probably good because I haven’t been having the best week, but I still really wanted to go.  And I could have gone.  If I didn’t have to worry about working the next day.  She’s going to be in Buffalo in March.  It’s a longer drive and I might not actually make it in time (trust me, I’ll make it  – I just might have to let my little vice of having a small problem following the speed limit really take over).  But I’m going.  And my hope is that it is not snowing that day or week.  Because then I might be forced to cancel.

I missed out on going to CMT on Tour because there was not a good date for me to go.  And that is a REAL bummer because it has my two favorite bands currently (Love and Theft and Florida Georgia Line) and it was being headlined by Jake Owen.  I was super bummed.  I was even more bummed that the show wasn’t coming closer to me.  I will catch these guys again.  I’m not sure when, but I will.

One of my good friends is going to visit another best friend.  Said visit will be taking place in San Antonio.  In April.  And it will include not one, but TWO country shows.  They will be seeing Little Big Town (who is probably my all time favorite) and Carrie Underwood.  I am super jealous and I want to go so badly.  But even if I could take personal days – it is in my contract that I can’t use personal days for that kind of a thing.  So I will not be attending 😦

Then there is the fact that I just want to visit my friend that lives in San Antonio.  And that next Wednesday, the 11th, there is a free show with Jana Kramer (love love love her!), Thomas Rhett (who is so fantastic!), Love and Theft (see above!), Kip  Moore (who I am DYING to see!), Casey James (who I was very pleasantly surprised with at Guitars and Stars in April), and Dustin Lynch (who I am planning on probably seeing this summer with LBT and Keith Urban!).  Star packed show!  And, did I mention that it is free?!?!  And I was just looking and the amount of shows that come into San Antonio is absolutely crazy – Gary Allan and Easton Corbin are going to be at the same place during December.  I am soooo jealous (not that she is necessarily going – I am SUPER jealous about the above item).  [ps – it makes me think that moving to San Antonio would be a really good idea sometimes]

And then there is the small caveat about country music festivals.  I am dying to go to a really good country music festival.  And I’ve been researching some really great sounding ones.  And there are two problems: there is not a single good country music festival near me.  Not one.  Jam in the Valley isn’t bad, but it’s not great.  And all of these far away country music festivals take place when school is still in session!  Ugh!!!  It’s like a slap in the face.  I finally have the ability to do this, but I can’t because I have to be at school teaching.

Do I have a plan?  You better believe it!  I am planning on going to see the LBT, Keith Urban and Dustin Lynch show in Canandaigua in August.  I am planning on purchasing the country mega ticket to either Darien Lake or Bethel Woods.  I may look into Jam in the Valley.  And I hope that I get to see plenty of country shows this summer.  Oh, and Dierks Bentley and Miranda Lambert are going to be in Syracuse at some point.  And I will be going to that show.

New York (upstate/central, specifically) has got to get more into the country scene.  We’ve got country in our soul (be on the look out early next week for a review of the new Florida Georgia Line album) at least as much as everyone else does.

[disclaimer (I’m not sure whey I feel the need to add this, I just do): I realize that these are glorious problems to have and I am lucky to have the ability to complain about them (if that is even what this is).  But these are my thoughts and how I feel.  And I think it’s okay to feel that way]


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