A Real Quick Update

I have so many thoughts going in my head right now. 

First, it’s a Monday of an extremely short week (only two days of school – yay!!) and I had the worst time getting up this morning.  I hit snooze for 35 minutes.  Yes, that’s right 35 minutes.  And that’s not good or healthy for me.  I mean, it seems that I clearly need the sleep.  But I need to make sure that I am staying healthy too.  Due to hitting snooze, I clearly skipped swimming (which I had already decided I was doing because of super dry skin that just needs a break from the chlorine and cold – of which I can only control one).  I have a goal for December, which I will put in place later this week quite possibly.

Today is going to be a long day, so I wanted to make sure that I wrote this now so that I could get it in and not forget – like I have been lately.  It’s going to be a long day because I got to school at 6:15 and I will not be leaving until 7:30 at the earliest, probably later.  This is because there is a benefit for a custodian who was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  And so I am working/helping with the dinner that begins at 3:30, which means there is no time to go home.

My hope is that things go well and I enjoy myself and have fun.  And I’m sure that I will.

Tomorrow will be a new post for a new day.  But here is a little bit of what I did this weekend.  I caught up with my sister and talked about wedding stuff (exciting but also causing many, many thoughts).  I caught up with a wonderful friend that I haven’t made enough time for and heard some exciting (but crazy) news.  I chatted with an equally wonderful friend that didn’t have anything new much to say (I didn’t have any much new to say either) and smiled at our comfort with each other still.  All of this and more for other days this week.  Oh, and I’m behind again in my word count.  I know, again.  I’ll finish it.  I’m confident of it.

This “real quick” update is proving to be not as quick as I thought.  Oh well.  Have a great Monday everyone!


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