Real Quick Update

A real quick update (since you didn’t get an entry at all yesterday, you are getting two today).

Today has really been an up and down day.  I’m tired – and it’s partially to do with reasons out of my control and partially to do with reasons in my control.  I’m also ready for a break from school.  For the most part, I’m really loving being in the classroom and I’m really enjoying my teaching, but right now my students are seeming needy, we’re all tired and it’s time for a break (good thing that there is one right around the corner).

So I had my post observation for my lesson.  It went well for the most part.  I got the “grade” I was expected as a new teacher.  Under the system I was being observed under there were four categories (Commendable, Proficient – what I was aiming for apparently, Progressing and Needs Improvement).  I did not get a single category that needed improvement.  I had a couple of things in progressing – and I had already reflected on this and made it apparent before we even went over the form that I agreed with it.  I got mostly proficient – which the principal said was what I was going for.  And I even got a couple commendable categories – which the principal said he was really impressed with since I was a first year teacher (and only a long term sub at that).

So it was an up and down day.  I am tired and I really hadn’t wanted to do anything.  But I did and it wasn’t horrible.  And we only have 2 1/2 days (tomorrow is a half day) before break.  Which will be really nice.


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