Bad Mood Friday

I have not been in a good mood.  And you would think with it being Friday, my mood would be better, but it’s not.  Because lying ahead of me this weekend is a pile of papers that need to be graded.  An observation lesson that needs it’s parts completed and a house that still doesn’t really have heat and that I can’t get internet for.

I’m frustrated and angry and upset.  And the only way that I know how to fix it could hurt the people that I am trying to help.  So I don’t know what to do.  So my plan is this.  I have one and a half – a little more periods of classes left today.  And a prep.  I am going to get my papers finished and set up for the project my students will be starting.

I will get things printed and be ready to go for Tuesday – maybe making some copies on Sunday while I am here at school.  And, I will leave school by 4 or 430.  And I will go shopping.  And then get some dinner.  And then go home and grade.  And hopefully I will come home with sweaters (or at least one or two) and a new (nice!) winter coat.  And I will buckle down and start grading.  And I will grade today and tomorrow.  So that on Sunday, I can relax a little bit…maybe bring a book.  I can get my grades in and then I can do comments.

It will not be a relaxing weekend.  But hopefully, it will mean that a relaxing Thanksgiving will be here soon.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.  Sorry to be a downer.


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