It’s Almost November!

DID YOU HEAR ME?  IT’S ALMOST NOVEMBER!!  And that means so many fun things.  So very many fun things.  But most importantly it means the following:

NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month.  I have participated for the past three years.  And a part of me thinks it is a really bad idea to participate this year.  But another part of me knows that I should participate.  Because I enjoy doing it.  And one of these times, I am going to write something that really means something.

You see, the point of National Novel Writing Month is that you write an entire novel in one month.  And I have been semi-successful.  I have always reached my word goal of 50,000 words and finished one story, but haven’t done so great after that.  I have gotten very large chunks of stories written.  And it’s a great exercise for me.  But it’s hard.

I guess I’m worried because I normally have at least an idea of what I want to do for NaNo.  I have characters mapped out somewhat and an idea of what I want to happen – even if that idea does get away from me and make it impossible to actually write the story I had in mind. 

But this year, I’ve been really busy.  I’ve been unable to get things done.  I haven’t been able to plan.  I had the day off from school and I wasn’t productive in any way.  I guess I just felt like I deserved to do nothing for a day.  But that’s not going to help me write a novel or become a better teacher.  Or feel better about myself.

But I have made a decision.  And I am committing myself.  I am going to do NaNoWriMo again this year.  I can’t give up things I enjoy just because my job is getting in the way.

No, I am not a published author.  But I hope that someday I might be one.  And that can’t happen if I don’t write.  Because, as I will tell my students next semester in creative writing, you can’t learn writing by listening to someone talk about it.  You have to actually do it.  And then you can work on honing it and making it better. 

So, wish me luck!  I don’t know if I will be posting regularly because I am going to go back to being swamped and not having any control over myself.  The plus side is that I still don’t have internet at home (so I can’t be distracted) and I don’t really have TV (again, another useless distraction).   The negative is that I can’t do research and my ability to escape from my novel diminishes.

It’s going to be an absolutely crazy November.  I am being observed.  I am going to write a novel.  I am going to start exercising again.  I am going to keep moving towards my ultimate goal – to be the best version of myself that I can be.  Whatever that may be.


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