Update on Life

I had two completely different posts scheduled for today.

I had a post about my thoughts on Taylor Swift’s CD (let me sum it up – I bought the deluxe edition, I’m glad that I did, but my feelings toward Taylor Swift seem to be just like her relationships – at least according to her songs – I like her, I don’t like her; I want to listen to it constantly, I have to get away from it.  Some of the songs are great.  Some of the songs aren’t so great.  It is not a completely country album, but there are some really great country songs on it).  I lost this post because it was in word and it shut and it didn’t recover.  It made me pretty angry.

Then, I wrote about some woes that I have had some issues because I want to get internet, but I can’t because I am unwilling to pay for a debt that is not mine.

And now, I deleted that post because I feel like it was insensitive.  I don’t know if it actually was or not.  But I worry about people.  And I don’t worry enough about me sometimes.  Or I repress that worry.

So, I have the day off.  I am sure that the school district is unhappy about this, because the storm did not hit us nearly as badly as originally expected.  And I am happy about this.  And unhappy about this.  I don’t have time to think.  I need to just do what I need to do and get done.  So my plan for the day is as follows: I am going to watch Anderson at 9 (because I love Anderson and can’t watch it ever).  I am going to put on some clothes and maybe go shopping a little bit.  I am going to go into school and finish putting in my grades.  I am going to watch another movie (I did not sleep in this morning, even though I had the opportunity to).  And I am going to actually plan my NaNoWriMo a little bit.

Quick other thought.  There is a teacher that I love.  I had her and I am working with her now.  But sometimes, she makes me feel like I am not doing enough.  Like today – she is all about helping out and getting things done.  And I feel like I should too.  But I am not going to probably.  But we will see.  I need to not worry so much about how I look to other people.

I am also going to write my blog entries for the rest of the week – because I should.

I send out thoughts and prayers to all that were affected by Sandy.  I know how it is to not know where to go or what to do in a storm.  Stay safe and keep the faith.  It will be hard and life will be different, but you will make it through.


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