Working Girl

Total hours worked this weekend: 12+

Now, to be fair these hours were not always at maximum working capacity – although 85% of the time they were.  I had a pile of papers that was literally a foot high (no joke, 6 inches high) that I needed to grade.  And the worst part about it is that I wasn’t even able to give as much feedback as I wanted to.  So if I spread that out over days (giving myself Friday evening off), I would be working an extra 3 hours a night.  And I get to school early and leave school late.

Sometimes, it is just exhausting.

And I was thinking about this week.  And it’s crazy because November begins this week.  Which means that NaNoWriMo begins (what is that, you ask? National Novel Writing Month – look for a post on Wednesday).  And I want to participate again.  But I don’t really know if I should.  But I am going to.  Because I need to and I should.  It will be good for me not to give up everything I want.

And so I know that a lot of people know that teachers work hard.  But how often do you spend almost a full work day (I mean people with office jobs work 9 to 5 with an half hour or hour for lunch Monday thru Friday, so it’s literally like I worked two extra days) doing extra stuff for your job?  I understand that this is what I signed up for and that I had put stuff off more than I probably should have.  But I need to just get in a better groove.

And I think that having my own things (like NaNoWriMo and exercising) and making a schedule to stick to will help me.

The plus to all of this: I had a very valuable excuse to not attend a certain Halloween party that I had talked about earlier.

The con to all of this: I did not get to see my friend.  And I feel like my whole life was all about school.

But, in reality, it’s almost as if I am just putting in my time.  I mean, everyone says that you have to do it.  And I am.  I am a class advisor (which I really love doing).  I am staying late.  I am working from home.  I am doing what all people do when they are trying to work their way up the ladder.  It just looks a lot different from my end.

I told a friend that I was talking to that I feel like I’m teaching myself everything over again.  I have been out of the English game for so long that it’s hard to jump back in.  But I’m loving it.  I love talking about books.  I love making kids see what they don’t know.  I love getting them to see things they haven’t seen before and understand things that they didn’t understand before.  I love it all.

So I’m in the right place.  But the question is: Am I doing it the right way?

Right now, it’s 7:46 PM.  I have worked another hour since I first wrote this post and I probably still have another hour of work and I need to fold laundry that is in the dryer.  Plus, I need to figure out what I’m taking for lunch tomorrow.

So that brings my total work at home this weekend to about 15 hours.  Which is most of my waking hours.  Hopefully this week is a good one and I get some extra sleep this weekend and am not swamped like this again.

Update: It is Monday morning at 7:43 AM.  We are getting out early today.  And my hope is that it means that I will be able to get in all of my grades and still go home and relax.  I am hoping to get some yoga in and maybe even get to watch a movie or two since I am almost, basically up to date on my schoolwork.  Sort of.

I hope everyone stays safe from Sandy.  And as frustrating as it would be, I hope it’s not as bad as they say it will be.


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