To Go Or Not To Go?

I have talked before about the need to have more friends.  That I want to make more connections with people and have people available to me that are close by – not miles and miles away.  I talked on Monday about how much I miss Niagara.  And a big reason that I miss it so much is because of the friends that I had while I was there.  Friends that I no longer have and haven’t been good about keeping in touch with.

One of my high school friends that I have reconnected with – although I haven’t been great about it lately – invited me to attend a Halloween party with her.  She has gone to this Halloween party many years with friends that she had met.  And part of me wants to go.  Because I would hope that there was a possibility that I could meet some new friends and maybe find people to hang out with.

But a bigger part of me does not want to go.  I am behind on work and have a ton to catch up on.  I don’t really like Halloween – having to dress up in costume and find something to do.  And I don’t necessarily like parties.  Because, in this instance, I believe that party means heavy drinking.  And I am not a heavy drinker.

So, I don’t know what to do.  Do I go to the party because I might make/meet new friends?  Or do I stay home because I know that I am tired/possibly getting sick/need to catch up on work?  Or are those just excuses I am making up?  And if they are excuses, do I feel the need to justify my decision?

I don’t make decisions well.  I stay on the fence and I go back and forth and can’t ever come to a real choice.  I think I’ve already made my choice (not to go!), but what if it’s the wrong choice?  Because I do want to make new friends/meet new people.

A few other quick questions:

I had another decision to make recently: I found out that Dierks Bentley was playing with Miranda Lambert in Atlantic City my birthday weekend (well, technically the weekend after my birthday).  But there was also a home hockey game (and I love my hockey).  Pre-sale tickets go on sale today.  I am not going because it is not a limited engagement like I originally thought.  They are actually touring together and I’m going to go closer to home – either Syracuse or Rochester.  But I’m pumped about that!

Being closer to 26 than 25, does buying (and enjoying for the most part) the new Taylor Swift album count as a guilty pleasure?  I’ll be writing more about the album tomorrow or Friday after I have some time to really dissect it a little bit.  But if you’re a country fan, definitely buy the deluxe edition at Target, the three songs that are on it are definitely worth it!

Should I go to this party this weekend?  Or just call it a wash and rest/do what I need to do?


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