A Sister Story

Is there anything better than having a sister?

My sister and I have not always gotten along.  But we get along pretty well now.  And we have fun together.  And we really enjoy spending time together.  Maybe it’s because we’re not constantly together and we don’t always have to worry about pulling each other’s hair out.

But having a sister is great.  She’s a wonderful friend.  She knows all of the family things you try to hide from everyone else.  She will listen to you complain and then return and complain about her own thing.

My sister came into town for a couple of days.  She is still here.  And I’m so glad that I have been able to spend time with her and see her again.  It’s been so glorious and I’ve really loved it.

I am hoping to get a picture with her today.  I think the last picture we took together was over a year ago.  But maybe today we will get another one.  And that will make me happy.

Because sisters really are the best.


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