Nostalgia for the Past

Teaching is hard.  I knew it was hard and I knew what I was getting into.  But I am tired.  And I think that partially stems from not taking care of myself as well as I should be. 

And whenever I feel a little down and a little off, I start to think about the happiest time of my life.  Thus far, that is Niagara University.  And I began feeling especially nostalgic for it today because of another blog post I read.

And reading that post. And thinking about how tired I am.  And reflecting on where my life is right now.  Made me nostalgic.

I miss living within walking distance from my friends.

I miss the crazy nights were we stayed up and did nothing but make fabulous memories.

I miss the people that I collaborated with on projects and student government and having time when we all got together on a regular basis.

I miss being in classes where, even if we didn’t like the material or the professor, we paid attention and were respectful.  And we learned something.

I miss almost everything about it.

And I know that I’m romanticizing it.  Because there were hard times.  And I know that if I went back to it, it wouldn’t be the same.

I think that what I miss the most are the people.  Because right now my life is all about teaching.  And the teaching is hard.  And it should be.  And I know that it will get easier and we all have to put in our time.

But right now, today, I want to be back at Niagara. 

I want to be running down the stairs to find my friend sitting on the floor almost in tears because she can’t get her rain boots off (and she’s been laughing so hard).

I want to be watching kids go out for the night and telling them to be safe and have fun.

I want to be going out with the kids.

I want to be meeting with my student government delegation.

I want to be going out to dinner with my best friends.

I want to be getting ready for the formal/banquet/evening.

I want to feel alive again.

I think it might be time to get some new friends around here again.  But it’s going to be hard.  Because teaching comes first right now.  It has to.  And I know that.

What are you nostalgic for?  Do you have a place that you feel connected to?


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