Am I Date Material?

I have a lot of ideas of things that I want to do and things I want to accomplish.  Unfortunately, I am being swamped by work.  And that is partially a choice and partially the reality of my job.  As a teacher, a first year, high school English teacher, I spend a lot of time at my job.  I get to work early.  And I stay at work late.  My school has some restrictions to their internet system that makes things difficult.  And I don’t get cell service in my office (I travel between classrooms).

Which makes the idea I have next, a difficult one.

I want to start dating.  I’ve never really dated.  I have had crushes, and I have been on a few dates.  But I have never really actively dated or tried to find someone to date.  And I don’t have any idea where to start.  I’ve always been driven by other things.  But, recently, I’ve been thinking about other things I want.

I want a family someday.  I want someone (besides my family) that I can talk to about things.  That I can hang out with in the evenings and have to accompany me on fun things to do – like hockey games and walks and shopping trips.  Okay, maybe not all of those things.  But a lot of those things.  And I know that it’s hard because I have no experience. 

And at 25, people expect you to have experience.  And so it’s hard.

But I do want to start dating.  I am on a dating website.  And I am going to attempt to answer some questions and actually respond to emails that I receive on that website. 

The other downside to all of this is that I also don’t have internet at home.  I can’t talk with people or set up dates with people or do any of the normal things that people do online because I don’t have internet.  It’s one of the things that I want to get back ASAP.  That I have spoken with my mother about, but not acted on. 

So, the long and the short of this whole thing is that I want to start dating.  I want to attempt to find someone that I enjoy hanging out with and can spend time with – going to the movies, going out to dinner, talking about each other’s days and being comfortable with each other.  I don’t mind getting my heart broken a couple of times.

Because ultimately, I want to find someone that I can spend the rest of my life with.  I want to find someone that will sit with me and keep me company when I need to be alone.  Someone that will force me out and keep me social when I don’t want to, but need to, be in public.  Someone that will make me a better person and that will make me strive to be a better person.

I don’t know if I can actually get all of that from dating.  Especially from the early stages of dating.  And maybe that’s why dating has never gone well for me.  I don’t have realistic expectations.  So, for now, I’d like to settle for someone that might email me nice messages asking how I’m doing.  Get my number.  Text me nice, thoughtful messages and then escalate to hanging out.  And of course, someone to pamper me a little bit.  Someone that will take me out and tell me that I look pretty.

Any advice?  How should I go about getting dates? 


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