Back to Regularly Scheduled Blogging

I have been doing a lot of thinking.  In between my school work (that is my teacher work for school).  And in between my trying to keep up with the hectic pace of life.  And in between trying to make sure that I try to keep in touch with friends.  And in between just trying to make something of myself that isn’t a joke.

And I have come to a few conclusions.

I want to start blogging again.  I enjoy it.  I like getting my thoughts out there, even if people aren’t reading them.

I want to start journaling again.  I enjoy it.  It keeps me sane and gives me a place to vent.  The difference?  Journaling is done by hand is only for MY eyes.  Blogging is done here and any of you can see and browse back.

I want to start doing my yoga again.  I loved when I got into my yoga.  It kept me calm and really gave me something to accomplish.  And it made me feel good about myself.  So I want to start it again because these are all good things.

It’s been a little over a month since school started.  And I feel like I’m still not on a good schedule and I feel like things are still getting to me when they shouldn’t be.  And I feel like beginning these things again will make it better.  Not to mention that I have more time than ever before because I am not taking grad classes like I was supposed to.

So, a new blogging day is back.  I am going to begin blogging again.  I am going to begin journaling again.  I am going to begin eating healthier again – hopefully.

It’s all a grand experiment.  And I love my job.  But I need to remember that I love me too and my job isn’t everything.

There is so much more.  And the rest of this week is probably going to be a whole lot of stuff thrown at you, but you will see.  I want so much.  And getting a full year of teaching has not tempered that at all.  It has actually made me want even more things.  So just wait and see what happens.

I’m going places.


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