Acting Your Age

I have a confession to make.  I very rarely act my age.  Okay, that’s not entirely true.  I usually act older than I need to.  I’m not sure why.  But I love the kid that I am at heart.  And there are many, many times when I want to be able to act like the age that people think I am – which usually ranges from more than 10 years younger than I actually am to about 2-3 years younger than I actually am.  And I really do hate when people think I am still in middle school – although I am actually a teacher…and will be teaching high school English this year.

I’m very excited for this year.  And I have a confession to make with that.  I have always thought that being an elementary teacher was the way for me to go because it allowed me to embrace the child in me.  It allowed me to be creative and have fun and be me.  But I really think that I’m going to fall in love with teaching English to high school students.  I have no doubts that I am going to find some of the students frustrating.  I have no doubts that I am going to find some students that will know more about the texts than me.  I have no doubts that no one day and no one student will ever be exactly the same.  And that’s where the challenge of teaching lies.  And I’m a little scared about falling in love with teaching English.  Because I think that’s what is going to happen.


But something I’m not scared about – something that, in fact, I’m very excited about – is that I can now have an excuse to read young adult books.  I can read YA novels and say that I am reading them before I put them out on a classroom shelf for students to grab so that they can enjoy some pleasure reading.  I mean, if we’re being honest (which I am striving to be as of late), I would read the YA writing anyway.  I don’t hate YA novels.  I actually enjoy most of them that I read.

Which brings me to my latest purchase.  I just bought the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld.  I had read the first book in the series (Ugly) back in March or April when I found it on a teacher’s desk that I was subbing for for a few days.  I knew that I would have enough time to read it, so I picked it up and brought it home.  I really enjoyed it. And now I have all four books.  I’m excited to read the other three in the series and then to hopefully get some other students interested in it.

Even if it is too young for me.  At 25, I think that it’s okay to read YA (even if it weren’t for school and knowing what my students might be reading in their spare time) because occasionally you need something nice and easy to just relax.  And a lot of the books have really great themes and are written well.

I’m excited to read this series.  I’m excited to plan for my year.  I’m excited to teach English this year.  And I’m excited to see where it leads me to.  I’m very excited to see where it leads me to as I feel like so much is up in the air right now.

For now, I’m going to head back to my reading.  I’m going to enjoy my time before school begins and all craziness breaks out.  And I will continue to read YA and pleasure reading through the craziness (or at least I hope to) as I’m sure I will need it to make it through.

Do you read books below your reading level?  Do you enjoy reading the YA genre as an adult?  Do you think that parents should read YA books before they allow their children to read them?  What is your favorite YA series?  Please share, I love to find new things to read!


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