What I Need Now

My life seems to be moving at warp speed and I am not sure how long I’m going to be able to keep up with it.  I am going to blog this week.  But I’m going to take next week off as I am going to (hopefully) be knee deep in planning and I’m also going to have a few days where I am hanging out with my family because of a certain family milestone!

So today.  A brief list of things I need right now – well, in all honesty, some of them are just things that I want, but you get the idea.

– Someone who will tell me I’m beautiful, even if it’s not the whole truth
– To know that my long term sub position this year is underway and will go well
– For the CMT Tour to come to Binghamton because it has Jake Owen (who I’d be excited about), Love and Theft (who I’d be MOST excited about) and Florida Georgia Line (who I’ve heard a few things from and would love to see!)
– To learn how to survive on very little sleep, as that is what I’m going to have to do this year
– To read some books of my own, for me…not for anyone else
– A moment of clarity in the chaos that is my life right now

I wrote this list about ten different times because my computer kept restarting and frustrating me.  More to come tomorrow!


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