Love and Theft: An Album Review

In celebration of their lead single going #1 and the fact that I only just recently purchased the CD (and regret not getting it sooner), I bring you my latest album review.  A review of Love and Theft’s self-titled sophomore album.  You will recall that since releasing their debut album, they have become a duo and are currently opening for Brad Paisley (and seem to be playing quite a few of the after parties lately).  They are really great and I am in love with this CD and have been blaring it from car quite a bit lately.

Girls Look Hot in Trucks – This song is pretty great.  It reminds of me a typical country song.  It makes me smile and it makes me want to drive my own truck.  It has great lyrics and really shows that there are some things we all agree on and other things that we will never agree on.
“Is your favorite George: Strait or Jones…there ain’t a lot we all agree on.  But everybody knows a cold beer tastes a little better out here in the sun.  And everybody knows the right song can make you wanna dance and drink and fall in love.  And everybody knows: girls look hot in trucks.”

Girls Love to Shake It – This is an upbeat dance tune if I have ever heard it.  It reminds me quite a bit of Luke Bryan’s “Country Girl (Shake it For Me).”  The thing that makes this especially country rather than just an incredibly pop country song are the lyrics.  With all of these artists releasing more pop sounding country, the music is going to get in there, but it’s nice to hear a song that still keeps it’s country intact.
“We like it loud, crank it up to 11.  I wanna see the whole wide world two stepping.”

She’s Amazing – While you might not here them do this song live, it is a great tune.  It’s not my favorite, but if a guy were to tell me that he thought of me when he heard this song or that they had written this song about me, I would not be upset at all.  It really is kind of cheesy to be honest.  In a good way if you don’t hear it too often, but in that it could get really cheesy really quickly.
“She walks through the door, wrapped up in a sheet.  Floating on air, angel in her barefeet.  Leaving me speechless.”

Real Good Sign – I think pretty much anyone could relate to this song.  It’s got a good beat to it and it makes me smile to think that guys also get nervous about this kind of thing.  Is the other person into you or not?  You might never know, but they can give you some really good signs.  These opening lyrics grab me every time as they can be used in either situation: a guy (like these fine gentlemen) or a girl (like me or anyone else) that’s just starting to see someone.
“I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I’m wound up tighter than a guitar string.  But I made her smile and that’s gotta mean I’m doing something right.  I wont’ swear she’s into me.  But it’s looking like she just might be.”

Town Drunk – This is one of those country songs that I love because of the story that goes with it.  You could easily plot a whole story or movie off of this song and that is one of the best things about country music, to me.  It’s sad and happy.  And things like this really do happen all the time, unfortunately.  And hopefully it can help people through rough times or help them see the hope in situations that usually seem hopeless.
“Pretty little girl who fought like a boy but she wanted to hold my hand.  In the little blue dress that she always wore, yeah, I mighta been her only friend.”

Thinking of You (And Me) – I like this ballad way better than “She’s Amazing”.  Maybe it has to do with where I am in my life and how I wish that a guy would feel this way about me.  And that eventually I would hopefully find out about it and we would end up together – as he clearly thinks we should as well.  And I also like how the emphasis is mostly on the other person and then they add in that it’s really about both of them, ultimately.
“You got my imagination running like a freight train on a downhill track.  Straight into the deep end of a feeling and I know that it ain’t coming back.”

If You Ever Get Lonely – To me this is the quintessential song of someone that can’t get over someone else.  They really do wish for the other person to be happy, but deep down they want that happiness to include them.  They want them back in their life and it seems as if it was a relationship that ended because of distance or because it never really got off the ground.
“And I know that California ain’t to blame.  And I know there’s tons of people in LA.  But if you ever get lonely.  And you miss me.  If you need someone to listen.  Even if it’s only the sound of someone’s voice who loves you that you need to hear.  You know where to find me.  If you ever get lonely.”

Amen – I have to preface this by telling you how Stephen introduced this song when they sang it at Darien Lake.  And I quote: “This is is a song about skipping church and banging it out.”  (cue melting heart and wanting to really sit down and talk to the guy and get under his skin and figure out what’s underneath it all)  Anyway, the song is good.  I really enjoy it and it really does send a good message, in my opinion.  It’s important to stick to your obligations, but it’s also important to kick back and relax with the one that you love as well.
“I’m up for just laying around.  Shutting it down for once instead.  We’ve always gotta be somewhere.  This feels like an answered prayer.”

Runnin’ Out of Air – This is probably the song that has the most pop sound to me.  Of course, all I really listen to is country music and my country tastes vary so much that I’m sure I like a lot of the pop-sounding stuff that people don’t like (as a quick side note: Taylor Swift’s new single – I just don’t hear the country in it at all.  It’s super catchy and I don’t think it’s bad…I just don’t think it’s country).  Thank you for letting me rant a little, back to the more important stuff, Love and Theft and their record!!  This song is great.  It has a great beat and it makes me happy and makes me want to dance. And what song can be bad when that’s the case?
“Everybody’s got somebody who gets them the way you got me.  I still want you.  I can’t stop me.”

Inside Out – This song makes me smile.  The message is subtle enough that you can listen to it in front of a child and only have to feel a little guilty if the child starts singing it on their own when the music stops.  It’s got a great beat and you definitely want to dance along to it.  And then you want to go and do exactly what the song says.
“I can tell I got you thinking.  Leaning in and ready to roll.  Let’s put these city lights in the rearview.  Give me the green light smile and let’s go.”

Angel Eyes – The lead single that has gone number 1 (congrats!!!) and put this duo back on the map as a force to be reckoned with.  I really believe that with the success of this single they are going to skyrocket back into fame (because, clearly I thought they were famous and great back when I got their debut album).  Anyway, the song was a great choice for a lead single because girls want to be the one they are singing about (and I imagine that they all imagine they are…because we all have different sides that show and different times) and guys want the girl that they are describing in the song.  The beat is great and it’s something you can definitely crank up and jam out to (I really think the world should just jam out more often…it would make the world a better place).
“Saturday night she’s rocking out by the bonfire.  Flirting from that tailgate and cranking up the dial.  Come Sunday morning she’ll be singing with the choir.  Driving me crazy with that kiss me smile.”

You will note that my reviews have to do mainly with the song lyrics.  I am nowhere near a music genius.  I do not write my own music.  I used to play an instrument, but haven’t for years.  I sing in my church choir, but am pretty awful at sight reading.  Nothing about these makes me an expert except for the fact that I enjoy music and listen to it quite a bit.

And so I write about the music as best I can and how it affects me and because I’m not super musically inclined, the stories hit me more.

What I mean by all this rambling is that there isn’t anything I can say about the vocals and playing because the vocals are great on every track.  The instrumental is great on every track.  Basically, it’s a great CD and if you don’t own a copy, you should really go and buy one 🙂

Go buy the CD.  Check them out on the road.  Make yourself happy.  I promise seeing them will make you smile and dance and have a great time!


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