Frustrating Red Tape

If you recall, last year I could have started a two year stint with Teach for America.  I chose not to because there was a lot of red tape and “extra” stuff that seemed to be getting in the way of my teaching and the experience I could likely have.  Well, I’m beginning to think that this red tape exists in all teaching professions and I am going to really dislike any full time teaching job that I get.

I am embarking on a new journey this year that could completely change my outlook on teaching and what I would like to teach.  I may just completely switch from being an elementary school teacher – which I have loved every minute of and would still love to be – to wanting to be a high school English teacher – which I am sure I will love once I get over the challenge of it.

I am beginning a new challenge and a full year position as a high school English teacher next year – remember how I told you about that one?  Well, I got the position because of my work in the district and I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity.  Had it been any other district, I probably would not have gotten the opportunity.

Because I’ve run into more red tape.  My certification is techinically still waiting to go through.  I put in the paperwork a month and a half ago.  I have emailed with the woman in charge of it and she has just told me today that she also needs me to send her an official transcript – something she didn’t inform me of when I entered the information.  I could have had that to her and this would not be stressing me out (should it even be stressing me out at all?).

The red tape makes me so mad.  I guess we’ll see how quickly this goes through.


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