Toby Keith: A Concert Review

Sunday, I went to a concert.  I knew that Brantley Gilbert was opening for Toby Keith and I was very excited about that because I had seen Brantley Gilbert once before and had pretty much fallen in love with him – I don’t know what it is about him that’s so hot, but he is very hot.  Anyways, when I got into the concert, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Thomas Rhett was the first opener.

I was supposed to see Thomas Rhett on July 7th in Scranton when he opened for Miranda Lambert.  That concert was going to be completely kick ass because Little Big Town was also opening.  Unfortunately, that was the time when Miranda Lambert had to cancel shows due to doctor ordered voice rest.  The more I think about how great that show could have been, the more bummed I am.  And seeing Thomas Rhett on Sunday made me wish the show had happened even more.

Thomas Rhett put on an amazing show.  Prior, I only knew his one hit song – “Something To Do With My Hands” – but I really enjoyed his set.  I really enjoyed his new single.  I think it’s a song that will hit a lot of people really closely and a lot of people will relate to it.  He’s a guy to definitely keep an eye on because I see good things happening for him.

Next was Brantley Gilbert.  I was more excited to see Brantley than Toby and he did not disappoint at all.  He played a set that was very similar to the set I had heard in April when he opened for Eric Church.  I wish that I had been closer because I was really excited about seeing him up close and being able to reach out and practically touch him – in an “I’m excited to see you” way, not an “I want to maul you” way.  I am debating about whether I want to go see Brantley Gilbert in September when he is an hour away from me.  I just found out that the show is GA at that time so if I get there early enough , I could be up close again.  And Thomas Rhett is opening for him and I’d be pumped to see him again!

So, finally Toby came on.  I was neither disappointed nor blown away by him.  I was excited that he basically played all of his hits because it meant that I could sing along with them and have a great time because I knew the music.  He kept it upbeat and his opening production video was pretty great and I really enjoyed that.  But I was disappointed that he didn’t include a portion of his show where he sang some of his ballads.  I understand that a lot of his fans are a part of the rowdy bunch and like his in-your-face stuff.  But he sings some really great ballads and I think a lot of people forget that because of his more upbeat songs.  And I just wish that he had included some of those ballads because I think it would have been a really nice touch.

Overall, a really great concert and I’m so glad that I was able to go.  Enjoy my pictures from the concert below and I will keep bringing the concert reviews coming.

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What shows should I see in the fall.  I’m thinking about that Brantley Gilbert/Thomas Rhett show.  I’m thinking about trying to go see Carrie Underwood.  I’d love to see Jana Kramer (if she’s touring at all).  What other great country shows are happening and what do you suggest?


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