The Reason to Stay In Touch

The tragedy that happened in Aurora, Colorado last week is unthinkable.  The majority of people would say that they could not imagine this happening to them.  I certainly couldn’t imagine it happening to me or anyone I know.  It seems senseless and random.

But it wasn’t.

James Holmes, the 24 year old man that is suspected of committing this act and will likely be charged, was no one special.  He was a man who was smart, a Ph.D student, and slightly shy.

The one tidbit that I found interesting was that Holmes apparently said that he was the Joker when he was apprehended.  The Joker has routinely been a character that has been crazy and unstable.  There was talk when Heath Ledger passed away that he was suffering from effects from having played the Joker.

But it was a tragedy.  And it shouldn’t have happened.  And the only connection that I can see between this tragedy and tragedies that have happened in the past is that it is the quiet ones.

Now, I’m not saying there is anything wrong with being quiet.  I consider myself to be a quiet person for the most part.  Especially when I first meet people or I am in extreme social obligations.  I think that it is probably the introvert in me.

And I don’t know that staying in touch with people will make it so that this doesn’t happen.  It’s just an idea to keep in mind that may possibly help people from going to extremes.

I can’t believe that this happened.  And it is certainly hard to wrap my head around it. 

The movies are a place where people go to escape reality and relax.  The people that went to the theater in Aurora did not have that chance.  They were met with a nightmare that occurred in real life, not in the movie they were going to watch.

It is being debated about whether Colorado will attempt to give Holmes the death penalty or not.  I can’t say how i feel about this.  It’s a tough choice and I think that anyone that feels they can make this decision will have a huge weight on their shoulders.

I am unsure as to how I will feel when I go to see a movie for the first time since I’ve heard about this.  I haven’t gone to a movie since and Batman may very well be the next movie I see.  It just seems crazy to me and like it will be something that sticks with me for a period of time.

I am glad that I didn’t go to the midnight showing.  Because I feel like if I had gone, I would feel guilty almost about having been in a theater where I was completely safe – although people should always feel safe at a place like the movie theater.

My heart goes out to the victims and their families.  I pray for the community and for James Holmes.  That the community can find peace and feel safe as they continue their lives.  That Holmes finds the courage to help the community and tell the truth – whatever that may be.


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