Brad Paisley: A Concert Review

So, last Tuesday – the day of my little brother’s graduation party – I got a text message from a friend.  She told me that Brad Paisley’s fan club had sent her an email saying that they needed some extra help and if I could volunteer at “The Escape” I would get a free ticket and a free t-shirt.  She asked if I wanted to go.  So, of course, I said yes.  And it was probably the best decision I’ve made all summer.

When we got to Albany (the concert was at SPAC), we walked around because we were a little bit early.  When we met with Kari, she explained to us what we were going to have to do.  As a volunteer, I was in charge of working a game.  The first game that I worked was an air force challenger.  People had to come up and try to throw rubber/foam planes through holes.  Depending on how many they got in, they won a prize.

Another game was “Escape the Lawn.”  At this game, people had to flip over 4 lawn chairs.  If they matched three, they won that prize.  At this game, you were allowed to win ticket upgrades, including front row seats.

People could also get their picture taken “with” Brad Paisley.  It was a cardboard cutout and there was a guitar that they were able to hold if they wanted while they took this picture.  It was pretty cool.

The final thing that we, as volunteers, were in charge of was a picture contest.  We had to go up to people and have them write what their escape was on a dry erase board.  These pictures would be posted on facebook with the pictures from Philadelphia and the picture that got the most likes would be mailed a prize pack.

During all of this, there were three artists that played on the Virtual Opry stage.  Jana Kramer, Love and Theft and Kristen Kelly all performed for concert goers before the main show started.  I wish I could have paid more attention, as we all know I love Jana Kramer, but I had to pay attention to my station.  However, all three did a great job and put on a great show!

Then, the real show started.  I was thrilled with my ticket.  It was way better than I could have imagined – I assumed I would just be getting a lawn seat.  The concert was absolutely fantastic.  Scotty McCreery started and he put on a great show.  He is young, but he already has a great stage presence and I’m sure that he is going to go far!  I’m really glad I got to see him.

After Scotty McCreery was The Band Perry.  I was excited about them because I have their CD and really enjoy their music.  I think they put on a great show.  It’s sometimes hard when you’re new and you’re trying to balance things – and I’d have to imagine (despite what they may say) that it’s even harder because they are siblings.  But they put on a great show as well.  They performed all their big hits and were just great!

Then, was Brad Paisley.  He played for a solid hour and a half.  And when I say solid, I am talking pretty much non-stop.  When he wasn’t singing he was jamming out on his guitar.  And jamming might not even be the right word because if you haven’t seen Brad live, I don’t think you can really appreciate just what an amazing guitar player he is.  The show was packed with fun and at the end everyone – cast crew and all five openers came back out.

I was super impressed with the show and think that it could have quite possibly been the best show that I have ever seen.  I’m excited to see the show again at Darien Lake and to experience it from the lawn seats that I will be at.  It’ll be great!


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