Jana Kramer: An Album Review

So, in my album review I have decided to do something that I got from the Edens Edge pamphlet.  I have put a favorite lyric (it could just be the one I like best in the song or the one that connects best with me…or are those the same thing???) and then said what I thought of the song.  I like the idea.

I really like this CD.  I have been looking forward to it for a long time and I was so happy to go out and get it!  I was introduced to Jana Kramer on One Tree Hill and when I first heard her sing, I loved it and I knew that I was hooked.  She might be more “pop” country, but she’s got some real country stuff on here that makes me smile.

The CD is really great.  It’s perfect for girls that are my age and I’m sure that younger and older girls are finding great meaning in it as well.  If you haven’t heard the album, go out and buy it – I don’t have a single song that I don’t like on it.  And I couldn’t pick a favorite because it would probably depend on my mood.  Check it out, it’s pretty great!

Good Time Comin’ On – “Who’s that over there?  I hope he didn’t see me stare.”
I think this is a great summer anthem and I hope that she puts it out…I really love it and I just think it’s so much fun and so true!

I Hope It Rains – “I hope it rains, hope it pours.  I hope she’s in heels and some little white shorts.  You can’t find the keys to unlock the door.”
Jana said this song shows off her “sass with class.”  I think it’s great and I realy enjoy it.  It’s upbeat and sends out a message about karma, but in a normal way – not an I want to kill you kind of way like some songs do.

Why Ya Wanna – “Since we’ve been over, been trying like crazy to get you out of my head.”
Again.  We all know this feeling.  We break up.  But we’re not over them.  And we still want them.  It’s an endlessly true story.

Goodbye California – “I love the way the country feels and I hate four inch heels.”
I think this is another really good song that we can all relate to.  It’s about loving a certain place, but really not being able to wait to get home again.  We all feel that way sometimes.  Even if we don’t have a baby to get home to.

Whiskey – “Well now the numb’s set in.  He’s gone like the wind.  And I can barely feel the pain”
I first heard this song on One Tree Hill and I loved it.  We all know that there are people we shouldn’t be with/around and this is the perfect song for that.

Over You By Now – “I could have been heart healed strong”
This is just a great ballad.  I could listen to it over and over a million times.  It evokes such strong emotions and is so heart felt.

One Of The Boys – “You might hear a few dirty words slip out of this pretty, little mouth.  No drama queens causing scenes, just the boys throwing ’em down.”
This is just an upbeat, fun, fantastic song about just having some fun and relaxing and getting away from the drama of being a girl.  All girls know how it feels to just want to be one of the boys and how much easier it would be.

What I Love About Your Love – “Ain’t no doubt about it, it’s a good kind of trouble.”
This is another great, upbeat song.  I read that orignally the “Your” wasn’t in the title/song, but I can’t imagine it without it after hearing this version and I really love it.

When You’re Lonely – “Now I don’t have the heart to fall for you again.”
Another ballad.  I really like this one and it makes sense.  It’s heartfelt and I really enjoy it.

King of Apology – “YOu’re saying you’re sorry every time I blink.  Well enough’s enough.”
I think this has a pretty country feel, but with a really good beat and something you could really dance to.  It would be interesting to see a music video of it.

Good As You Were Bad – “I wanna hate you.  I’m mad as hell.  Oh but a part of me still loves you and hopes and prays to God you’re doing well.”
This song is another great ballad.  The line I picked out for this one is one that I feel like every girl can relate to when she gets dumped by a guy.

I am planning on doing a review for my Eden’s Edge CD and possibly my Carrie Underwood CD (or one of the numerous other new CDs that I have).  I also am thinking of doing a segment where I write a short story based on a song.  I don’t know if it’s copyright infringment at all, but it could be a really good summer writing exercise.


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