Country Fest

I went to that concert in Ohio this past weekend.  Like I mentioned I was going to on Friday.  The concert itself was great and I will get to that.  The rest of the trip was not as great as I would have wanted it to be.  The girl that I went with is a HUGE complainer – or so I found this trip.  I felt guilty about things that were out of my control and I hate when people do certain things.  For example.  If you are driving and neither of us has any idea where we are going and you have the GPS, don’t ask me questions about it.  I am awful with directions and will get you lost in places I know.  So don’t ask.  Follow the GPS.  And be prepared for everything.  Are you going to be sitting in a field all day waiting for the concerts to start?  Bring something to do.  Are you going to be mad if you don’t get the spot you want?  Don’t go because if it’s GA, you aren’t guaranteed a spot anywhere.  Are you going to complain about the people around you?  Don’t come.  It’s annoying and no one wants to hear it.

So the extraneous stuff wasn’t so great.  But the shows were fantastic.

We did get a good spot – a great spot for everyone but Luke Bryan, I would say.  We were at the corner of the catwalk and the stage (and the back view of Luke isn’t awful so it wasn’t too shabby to be there).  The shows started at 4 and every two hours someone new came on.  First was Craig Campbell.  Second was Lee Brice.  Third was Just Moore.  And finally, at last, was Luke Bryan.  We were on the road (and drove the whole way back here that night) at about 11:45.

Craig Campbell was great.  I knew some of his music, but not a lot of it.  He sang his hits and he sang a few things that he knew people would know.  It was pretty great.  He was a great way to start off the show.  It seems as if all of the artists went around the campgrounds (did I tell you this was held at a primitive campgrounds?) to see how people were acting and get to know some people.  Craig said that he saw a girl that had a shirt that said “Take Me Backstage” and he asked her if she wanted to go backstage.  She told him (as he says it), “Nope, not with you.”  I was in shock.  I would have reacted in a completely different way.  I probably would have thought (even if I had recognized them, which I probably wouldn’t have) that they were playing with me.  So, that was that.  Great performance.

Next up was Lee Brice.  I was pretty excited to see him because I know more of his music than I do most of the others probably.  He definitely put on a good show, but he did seem to rock a little more than the others.  I mean, the others wanted to have a good time and got everybody involved but Lee seemed to have more of a rocker presence in his show than a country appearance.  At least in my humble opinion.  Who knows, other people probably disagree.  I did really love when he sang his song “Beer” off his new album (Hard to Love) and really got everyone involved.  It was a great idea!

Next was Justin Moore.  I was really impressed and really enjoyed his performance.  I have nothing to complain about with him.  He was great, he wanted people to get involved, he sang his hits and he sang some new songs.  The lighting during this show was killer as the sun was just going down and I got a couple of really cool pictures of him that I may or may not post here later (I probably will, don’t worry – I just haven’t had time to edit these pictures at all).  I probably took the most pictures of this portion of the concert.  Maybe it’s because I wasn’t as familiar with all the tunes.  I don’t know.  I think I’d like to get/listen to more of his stuff.

Finally was Luke Bryan.  He puts on a great show and I’m pumped that I’ll get to see him again (even though it will be hard to actually see him when I was so close this time).  The downside was that, as I said, I was at the corner of the catwalk and stage.  The catwalk was pretty long.  Luke likes to spend his time on the catwalk and I totally understand it.  If he’s on the catwalk more people can see him from further back.  But I wish he had sang at least a few songs back on the main part of the stage so that I could see him better.  I mean, I am glad I was where I was at.  But it meant that I didn’t necessarily get very good pictures – well, I got plenty of pictures of his behind ;-).  The other part of this was that it was dark and I wasn’t going to put on my night picture because I don’t think it would have worked as the people in front of me were extremely tall and so I had to hold it above my head anyways.

I have another picture of Luke that I debated using, and it would be really cool except for the fact that there is an arm that shot up in front of me during it.  Oh well.  I promise a post of pictures to come.  Maybe on Wednesday or Thursday (or maybe even Friday).  All of the pictures in this post are mine and are SOOC.  I will work on editing the others I took and posting them later.

I hope everyone else had a good weekend and listened to some great music!


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